When it comes to replacing the garage door you don’t always have a choice. Sometimes an accident or an extreme weather event will damage a door beyond repair. And other times, multiple components of older garage doors - such as springs, openers or cables - will wear out more or less simultaneously. This makes garage door replacement the more cost-effective choice over continuing repairs. On the other hand, some homeowners are aware their aging door isn’t going to make it through too many more winters, or folks engage in full on remodeling of their home which calls for a new garage door installation to match the new look. The question these folks have is this: “Is there a best time of year to have a new garage door professionally installed?” Below, we’ll look at this question.

spring time garage door installation

Garage Door Installers Discuss the Best Time to Install a New Door

It’s only common sense to conclude that installing a new garage door in early January is probably not such a wise thing to do. With the wind chill making if feel below zero the last thing you want is a huge opening in the side of your house for the better part of the day. If circumstances have conspired against you there may be no other choice. But if it’s not an emergency then you are free to pick the optimal time to call the garage door installation company. So, what is that optimal time?

The Case for Springtime

If you have been thinking about replacing your garage door it makes sense to do so in the springtime. Here’s why:

  • The Door Took a Hit During the Winter - The winters in Boulder are hard on garage doors. The temperature spends most of the time below freezing and more than 7 feet of snow falls during an average year. The door is often covered in ice while the chain, springs, rollers, hinges and cables can all suffer. In addition, wooden panels and the wooden frame can crack when water freezes inside tiny imperfections on the surface of the wood. By the time April rolls around, your garage door can look like it’s been through the wringer. Because it has. While it’s usually possible to spruce the door up following the winter onslaught, it might just be better to install your new garage door at this time instead.
  • You’ll Make the Most of Your Summertime - Everyone loves the springtime but let’s face it; it’s a transitional season. The reason we love spring is because it means that summer is right around the corner. When the summer arrives you don’t want to be spending all your time supervising renovations or a new garage door installation. You want to be out hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park or lying on the beach at Boulder Reservoir. Therefore, the time to get your major renovation work done is in the spring. That way, by the time the summer rolls around your home will look exactly the way you want it and you’ll be free to make the most of that glorious summer weather.
  • The Temperature is Just Right - While we are sometimes called upon to do an emergency garage door installation in the winter we can’t say the process is a lot of fun. Ditto for the middle of summer when the mercury is pushing 100 degrees and there isn’t a cool breeze to be found anywhere. It’s no fun for our customers either. In the winter time they lose enormous amounts of expensive heated air during an installation and during the summer, well, try keeping a home properly air conditioned if you have a hole the size of a garage door on the side of your house all day. During the springtime though, the weather is just right for everyone. The homeowner is able to get through the installation process without wasting energy and we’re able to conduct our business without having to worry about frostbite or heat stroke.
  • Garage Door Installers Often Run Promos in the Spring - The winter is a slow time for any garage door installation company. As such, by the time the last of the snow melts away and the flowers push up through the soil garage door companies are raring to go. To jump start their busy season they’ll often run springtime specials and promotions. And even if they don’t, manufacturers will. If you’re lucky you’ll get a break on both the price of the door itself and the cost of the installation. It’s the best of both worlds and the one time of the year when you have the good chance to save some serious cash on a new garage door installation.


A Better Garage Door is a yearround garage door installation company and will always answer the call come rain, snow, heat or cold. So if you need a new garage door in the middle of January rest assured we’ll be there and get the job done right. That said, if we had to pick one time of year that is best for everyone we’d have to say that is the springtime. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, promos and specials abound, the work can be completed before the summer sets in and it’s the ideal time to address all the wear and tear your door was subjected to during the winter. Contact A Better Garage Door at (303) 920-2267 to arrange a garage door installation today.