Garage Door Opener Types

When people think garage door openers they tend to think chain drive and, to a lesser degree, belt-drive devices. And that’s understandable because, after all, those two types of openers make up more than 95% of all garage door opener sales. But it’s that other 5% we want to talk about today: the screw-drive openers. No, not the screwdrivers. The screw-drive openers. Screw-drive openers are an outstanding choice if your door is wider or heavier than average. And, contrary to popular belief, installing them is typically a straightforward affair. So it’s time to give the screw-drive opener some love and that’s what we’re going to do below with our 6 reasons to consider installing a screw-drive opener.

Keep These 6 Points in Mind When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

If you are about to replace your garage door opener, or install a garage door on your brand new house, wait. Don’t default to a belt or chain drive until you consider these 6 reasons why a screw-drive garage door opener might be a better choice:

  1. They’re compact - One of the biggest things the screw-drive garage door opener has going for it is its compact size. This is especially important if your garage has a low ceiling. And while a lot of folks just assume that smaller size means less power we’re happy to say that’s simply not the case. With chain and belt drive systems a lot of lifting force is lost between the motor and the door. With a screw-drive opener you get a much more efficient transfer of power between the two. So a comparably sized screw-drive opener can typically lift more weight than a chain drive opener of the same size.
  2. They’re quiet - The screw-drive garage door opener is typically much quieter than the chain or belt drive opener. There’s no chain clanking around first of all. Second of all, they don’t get squeaky like some chain drive openers can get when the mercury plunges. And with a more efficient transfer of power the entire lifting motion is smoother and won’t create as many noise-generating jerks and stutters. If you need to get out of the house early in the morning or you typically come home late from work you won’t wake up the whole house if you have a screw-drive garage door opener.
  3. They’re easy to install - The pros from A Better Garage Door make the installation of your screw-drive opener a quick, hassle-free experience. We sometimes hear folks expressing concern that this type of “exotic” opener must take forever to install. But, the fact is, they’re often a faster installation than a chain or belt drive opener. In addition, screw-drive openers are known for being virtually maintenance free. That’s because there’s no chain or belt to break and they typically produce less stress on rollers, tracks and cables. Many types of screw-drives don’t even require lubrication.
  4. They’re ideal for large doors - Not everyone has a nice cozy, standard-width, single-car garage door opening. Some two car garages in fact have just the one double-width door for both vehicles. There are both practical and aesthetic reasons for having a double door. But whatever the reason, if your door is wider than average it’s going to be heavier than average. In which case a screw-drive opener is a better choice than a chain or a belt. Also, weight is not just a function of size. All-glass garage doors are increasingly popular these days. But they’re also heavier than other types of doors. So if you’re thinking glass door, think screw-drive.
  5. Many consider them safer - Chain drive and belt drive garage doors are safer these days than ever before. But there are a lot of people that consider the screw-drive garage door opener to be a safer choice than either of the more popular doors. Why? Because they tend to move a little slower than either chain or belt drive openers. (That smoother, more deliberate motion is part of the reason why they’re quieter.) Because the door opens a bit slower anyone who might find themselves under the door when it starts to close will have more time to get out of the way. That’s especially important if the auto-reverse mechanism isn’t working.
  6. They’re affordable - A lot of people simply assume that screw-drive garage door openers are more expensive than chain or belt drive openers. They’re then pleasantly surprised to discover this is not the case. In fact, screw-drive openers are typically a more affordable option than either belt or chain drive openers. And that affordability extends from the price of the opener to the cost of installation. And that’s not all. Because the screw-drive opener is virtually maintenance-free you’ll experience lower long-term costs as well.
  7. The Bottom Line

    If it’s time to install a new garage door or replace your existing garage door opener you may be better served by having the pros from A Better Garage Door install a screw-drive opener, instead of a chain or belt drive model. This is especially true if you have a double width door or a door that’s made from heavier materials like glass. But as we’ve seen the advantages of the screw-drive garage door don’t end there. You can also save money while potentially enhancing the safety profile of your home by installing a screw-drive garage door. Give us a call today to learn more.