Blue suburban home with white garage door with windows and accents

If you’re currently looking for a new garage door installation, considering all the different types of doors that you could potentially have fitted at your home, windows is one factor that you may be undecided on. Windows or no windows? As a garage door sales company with thousands of installations under our belts in Parker and Broomfield, we can tell you that it’s something that is commonly debated among homeowners.

We can also tell you that like with anything in life, there are both pros and cons to having a garage door installed that has windows. Below we’re going to outline these for you so that you’re in a better place to make up your mind.

The Benefits of a Garage Door with Windows

Let’s start by talking about the positive impacts that a garage door with windows can have on your home and your lifestyle.

They Let Floods of Natural Light In

This is going to be particularly appealing if you’re the type of person that spends hours in the garage tinkering around with things. Perhaps you have a workshop or maybe you have a hobby that can’t be done inside the home. Whatever the reason, if you spend hours of your free time in the garage, lighting is an important factor. And there’s no better way to light a space than with natural light.

It’s much better for your eyes – if you've ever worked in an office 10 hours a day lit by artificial light, you'll know what I mean. And then there's the cost-saving. The sun doesn't charge for the light it provides, but electricity providers do. Depending on how long you spend in the garage, this cost-saving could really add up over the course of a year.

They’re Aesthetically Appealing

A garage door installation that doesn’t feature windows has the tendency to look a bit bland. The monotone design might complement the rest of the garage’s exterior, but it’s not a feature that stands out in its own right. A garage door with windows on the other hand does. It adds that bit of something special and really elevates the look of your garage.

It might seem like a minor detail, but this boost in curb appeal can actually have a big impact upon the value of your property, so it’s an investment that can end up paying off financially too.

Lots of Different Options

There's not just one style of window with garage doors – there are dozens. And then each of these window styles can be arranged in dozens of different configurations. That’s a lot of options. So whatever the rest of your garage and home exterior looks like, you’re sure to be able to find a window design and configuration that fits in perfectly.

The Drawbacks to Garage Doors with Windows

Now let’s jump to the other side of the argument. There are of course some drawbacks that you’ll want to consider before electing to have windows integrated into the design of your new garage door.

Some of the main ones include:

Privacy and Security Concerns

It's a double-edged sword, as windows let natural light in, they let you see outside with the door closed, but they also allow others to see inside your garage. And when we say others, most people think "burglars." They are known to "case" a property, scanning its interior, normally via windows, to look for items worth stealing before they commit to breaking in. After all, the reward has to be worth the risk of doing so. Windows do potentially offer them the ability to see inside your garage and scan its content, which is obviously a drawback to having them installed, but there are a few design choices you can make that negate this risk:

  • Choose a configuration that places the windows at an elevated height that most people wouldn’t be able to see in through without standing on top of something.
  • Electing for tinted window glass, although more costly, would mean that outsiders are not able to see in through the windows.
  • Thicker glass panels will provide added protection against potential break-ins.
  • Tempered glass can be installed to protect you and your family against accidental glass breaks. This is often advisable if you’re likely to have children playing in the area.

Added Cost

While not always the case, a garage door installation that features windows on average comes in at a higher price point than the same door without windows. As we’ve mentioned, it can lead to cost savings on electricity, but you have to be prepared for the fact that the upfront cost will likely be higher.

If that fits within your budget, then fine. If it doesn’t, you may have to rethink your plans.

Need Help Deciding Whether Windows are the Right Choice?

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