Ultimate Garage Door Repair Guide

There comes a time in the life of every home when it could use some external repairs. That may entail a new paint job, new windows and doors, an expanded porch, new siding or all of the above and more. If you’re like most homeowners however you don’t have unlimited funds to sink into this type of work so you need to find those ways you can get the most bang for your buck. One often overlooked way to ramp up your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank is to repair the look of the garage door. In this post we’re going to look at some ways you can do just that.

Renovating: The Ultimate Garage Door Repair Guide for Broomfield and Beyond

When most folks think about garage door repair they think about things like replacing the motor or straightening the tracks; maybe replacing a torsion spring. But aesthetic repairs are just as important as physical repairs because the garage door typically accounts for a third or more of what passersby see when they look at your house. If you’d like your home to present a fresher, more attractive profile to the world consider the following ways you can repair the way your garage door looks.

  • Paint it - We start with the simplest possible method of garage door repair because, well, it’s the simplest possible method. Garage doors in Broomfield, Brighton, and the rest of the metro area are exposed to all types of weather-related nastiness. As a result their finish gets worn and dulled and if they have a painted surface that paint gets blasted right off. Make a trip to the hardware store and pick up a couple of gallons of paint. This type of garage door repair will make an immediate impact.
  • Add a Faux Wood Finish - Steel and aluminum doors are secure and durable. They’re not often particularly attractive however. Most are just a single color and hopefully one that matches the trim on your home. Adding a faux wood finish though can turn your plain old garage door into something dazzling that livens up the entire exterior of the house. It can either be stained or painted depending on who you hire to do it.
  • Add Windows - Plenty of garage doors don’t include windows. That doesn’t have to be a permanent state of affairs however. It’s a relatively simple, relatively inexpensive type of aesthetic repair to install a row of windows in your existing garage door. It will give the impression you bought an entirely new door while at the same time providing natural light inside the garage during the day and a modified look for the house at night when the lights are on inside the garage.
  • Add Lighting - Speaking of lighting... adding an exterior lighting scheme to your garage door can transform it into something special. Rustic style pendant lights can give your home’s exterior a comfy, country quality. Recessed lighting in the soffit can provide a more modern profile for the garage door while echoing the shapes of the door in the shape of any light fixtures will also tie things together nicely. And that’s a good reminder that you should always consider the shape of the lights you install near or around the door, not just their style.
  • Add Faux Hardware - It’s becoming fairly commonplace today for homeowners to spice up the look of the plain garage door by adding faux touches to the outside that suggest the door is fancier than it actually is. The best way to do this is by adding faux hardware such as hinges that provide the illusion that the doors swing open, door handles that reinforce the swinging door idea, latches that give the impression that yours are really old-fashioned carriage house doors, door knockers and more.
  • Replace it - While painting your garage door is certainly the simplest way to repair the way it looks there is one more, equally simple, although slightly more labor intensive way to achieve the same result: by replacing it. This option will be particularly relevant if your door is more than 20 years old. Because by the time the door turns the corner toward 30 it’s likely not worth the investment in faux finishes and hardware or even a new coat of paint. Sometimes the best option is to just admit it’s seen better days and replace it with a door that’s more in keeping with your current thinking about how your house should look.

Fixing the way your garage door looks is just as important as fixing the way it functions. Take the above tips to heart and you’re sure to wind up with garage doors that are more attractive and a home whose curb appeal and value have both been restored to where they should be.