There are a lot of homes in greater Denver that don’t have garages. If yours is one of them you know how hard it can be on your car to have to leave it outside, exposed to the weather year round. You also know the feeling of never really having enough storage space around the house. Still, you may have considered building a garage in the past but ultimately rejected the idea. Maybe you heard someone got ripped off by a contractor or someone else ran afoul of the building inspector. Or maybe you just never built it because you were just never sure it was a good idea. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s an idea that makes good sense on a whole bunch of levels.

Not Sure About Building a Garage - Here's 6 Reasons Why You Should

Garage Door Installers aren’t the Only Ones Who Think a Garage is a Good Idea

Real estate agents, automotive experts, hobbyists and more all advocate for the value of adding a garage to your home. Whether it’s attached or detached isn’t as important as simply having it and below we’ll tell you why.

  1. To protect your car - The number 1 reason to build a garage is because you care about the wellbeing and value of your automobile. Leaving a car outdoors exposed to the weather year round in a climate as harsh as that of Colorado wreaks havoc with the paint job, wiring, tires, door mechanisms, wipers and more. Cars these days are not cheap. Take care of yours by building a garage for it.
  2. Expand your party possibilities - If you’ve never partied in the garage you’ve simply never partied my friend. When cookout time rolls around open the garage door, move the car to the street, set up the food and refreshment tables inside and automatically weatherproof your soiree. With the music equipment under cover as well you have nothing to worry about. The garage is the new horizon when it comes to holiday fun.
  3. Ramp up the value of your home - Any real estate agent or garage door installation veteran will tell you that a home with a garage is worth more than a home without one. Sometimes the difference is substantial. If you’re looking for that one reason that will tip you over into the “build” column it should be this one. Should you ever decide it’s time to move on to bigger and better digs you’ll remember with fondness the day you decided to add the garage.
  4. Increase your storage space - This is the fallback position for a lot of garage owners. If the garage does nothing else for them it allows them to move some of those tools that have been rusting away in the back yard under cover. If you’re smart about how you build and utilize all the potential storage space you can probably close up the mini storage unit you’ve been paying for for years and bring everything home.
  5. You can turn it into living space later - If at some point you decide additional living space is more important to you than protecting the paint job on your car you can build out the garage and turn it into additional living space. In fact you can build it out, add a bathroom and kitchen and rent it out. If it’s nice enough and attached to the house it can even be an apartment for an elderly parent or in-law. And don’t worry, the garage door installation company won’t suffer hurt feelings. We see it all the time.
  6. You can make a garage gym - Few things are as important as keeping fit but who has the time to make trips to the health club 3 times a week? If you’re interested in being the best you can be set aside part of your new garage as a home gym. In fact you can design the garage to be part automotive storage and part health club. It’s not as difficult or crazy as you think and you’ll always have the ability to sneak away to the garage for a while and get that workout you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Bonus Round:

While all of those are good reasons to consider building a garage there’s another one that may trump them all: safety. The world today presents opportunities that simply didn’t exist in your grandparents’ day. However, the world is also more dangerous than ever before and having to get out of your car outdoors on a dark night and walk to the house exposed shouldn’t be anybody’s notion of a good idea. By building an attached garage you enjoy the same safety and security everyone else with a garage enjoys. You pull in, close the garage door behind you and walk safely and confidently into the house.