The Designer here is limited to a handful of our offerings.

It's still a great place to find basic styles and options but to see the full range of doors we can offer please check our manufacturers' designers.

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Garage Door Designer


Step 1 - Door Size



Step 2 - Door Style

Raised - Short

Raised - Long

Recessed - Short

Recessed - Long

Flush - Short

Flush - Long

Grooved - Short

Grooved - Long

Planks - Panels

Full Vision

Step 3 - Insulation

Non - R0

Heavy - R10.25

Step 4 - Color

Step 5 - Windows

Step 6 - Window Position

Top Row

Second row

Left Side

Right Side

All Windows

Glass Type






Final Step - Quote Information

If you'd like an immediate quote after submitting your design please give us a call at (303) 920-2267. Otherwise, we will follow-up within 1 to 2 business days.

Not Finding The Door You Want?

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C.H.I. Doors Doorlink