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Founded in 1871 by a group of pioneers who set out from Chicago, Longmont was originally called the Chicago-Colorado Colony. It's one of the few communities in the region whose development was carefully controlled at the start with the new town being laid out on a logical grid pattern covering a square mile of land. Town memberships were also sold as a way to raise money to purchase land for the original town hall.

Shot of Longs Peak from Union Resevoir

Longs Peak - Longmont's Namesake

After the introduction of the Colorado Central Railroad the city began to find its footing and over the ensuing 150 years growth has been slow but steady. During the late 20th century as the local agricultural industry began to wane several high technology firms moved to the area to take advantage of the hard-working, well-educated population as well as Colorado's advantageous location between coasts. The U.S. Government also constructed an Area Control Center (ACC) for air traffic at Longmont that now ensures safe overflight of some 1.6 million aircraft annually and is the 15th busiest ACC in the US.

Most of the homes in Longmont are similar to homes in neighboring cities and towns: single story, single family residences built over the past 50 years. Recent arrivals to the area however have begun to break from that tradition and erect larger, multi-story homes that either mingle with their more modest neighbors on the Eastern side of town or are part of new developments to the West. Regardless of square footage however these homes all have one thing in common: the need for reliable, affordable garage door service.

The Spring/Track Relationship

The bulk of the lifting on your door is done by the garage door springs. There are 2 types of springs typically used to lift a garage door: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs run parallel to the door and coil and uncoil. Extension springs run perpendicular to the door and extend and contract to lift and lower the door.

There are typically 2 extension springs installed on an overhead door and they work in close concert with the tracks that guide the door up to its resting place over the car and then back down to the closed position. One spring is located directly above each track to ensure the smoothest possible movement of the door. You can often tell if one of the extension springs is failing because the door will lag behind in one track. This lag effect creates shuddering as the rollers in the track find themselves at odd angles and catch as they move.

Torsion Spring

If your home was built by a particularly frugal developer you may have had to deal with the fact that your garage door springs didn't last long after you moved in. That's because in an effort save on development costs and maximize profits the builder used cheap springs made of inferior steel which drastically cuts the spring's life expectancy. If you've recently moved into a home with such springs having A Better Garage Door replace them with high-quality springs will take care of the problem and add years to your door's life.

Garage Door Openers

There are many different automatic garage door openers on the market today but most of them have one thing in common: a lifespan that covers approximately 10,000 up and down cycles. If you open your overhead door 3 times a day that means that in approximately 10 years you'll need to replace the opener (perhaps the entire door since most quality springs are also rated for 10,000 cycles). If, however, you only open your door once a day you may get 20 years or more out of the opener. Keep in mind though that the older the motor the more susceptible it will be to a variety of potential problems, even if you're only opening it once a day. So it would behoove you to have an older motor as well as the entire door inspected by a qualified garage door technician on a regular basis.

Keep in mind too that it doesn't really make sense to try and keep your garage door opener running indefinitely simply because there are always more energy efficient models coming onto the market. At some point it will just make financial sense to install a new opener either by itself or in concert with an entirely new door system.

General Garage Door Repair

Whether you own one of the beautiful older homes on Collyer Street or one of our town's newer residences on Polo Drive you'll still need to know who to call in the event of trouble with your garage door. The company more local residents trust than any other is A Better Garage Door, and for several excellent reasons.

  • First, we know the area like the back of our hand. We're not some national chain that has opened a local office and flown in a manager with a box of brochures and a couple vans. Our business and the people who work for us are part of the community.
  • Second, we've been repairing, replacing and installing garage doors in Longmont for more than 23 years. In that time we've come to know every inch of town along with many of its residents and their various overhead doors.
  • And third, as a result of our experience our trucks are always fully stocked with the right type of replacement parts needed in these neighborhoods along the right equipment to get the job done without delay.

Installation of a New Garage Door

There comes a time in the life of every contemporary home when the garage door needs replacement. When it's time to replace your garage door you'll want to know your new one will last just as long or longer and be as energy efficient as current technology allows. A Better Garage Door is the go-to company in Longmont for new garage door installation because we install only high-quality, energy-efficient, American made garage door systems at the best rate in town.

If you have a custom garage door that has reached the end of its life we can help you there too. Our custom garage door design and installation services are the best in the state and will provide you with a new custom overhead door that will fit your home like a glove, whether your home conforms to a known architectural style or is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Better Garage Door Service for Longmont

Longmont is one of the jewels of the Colorado plateau. Clean, safe and home to hard-working Americans of every background it's a town with a proud history and bright future. From Vance Brand Municipal Airport to the Longmont Museum and the Longmont Performing Arts Center the town embraces the present, acknowledges the past and expresses its optimism and forward-looking vision for the future.

We're proud to be part of the Longmont community and relish the opportunity to continue to provide first-class garage door repair and installation services to our neighbors for another 23 years and beyond. If you're having trouble with your overhead garage door call the company with the experience and resources to set things straight in a hurry: A Better Garage Door.

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