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Boulder is a city with a reputation that far outstrips its size. Even though the city's population checks in just under a modest 100,000 and the metro area's population is a tad shy of 300,000 the city is widely known due at least in part to the presence of world class skiing destinations and the fact that it's played a prominent role in popular TV shows and movies. It doesn't hurt that the University of Colorado's football team, which is a perennial national powerhouse, also calls the city home.

Indian Peaks Wilderness, Boulder CO

Indian Peaks Wilderness, Boulder, CO

The fledgling settlement came together during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush of 1858 and actually coalesced faster than other cities and towns at the base of the Rockies. By 1859 the Boulder Town Company had been formed and the basic city layout decided upon. A year later the first school opened in the town and shortly after the Civil War there was a local newspaper and railroad station. In the 1960s the city became a favorite destination of hippies looking to commune with nature.

Between 1950 and 1980 Boulder more than quadrupled in population and with all those new residents came new homes of every type. From aggressively modern geometric creations to large multi-story homes erected in the past decade, to the single-story single-family residences that make up most of the housing stock in the region. The number and style of garage doors in use in the city is impressive and we have the experience and expertise to handle them all.

The Role of the Garage Door Opener

The motorized garage door opener dates back 90 years to a Mr C.G. Johnson who came up with the idea of an electric powered motor that would lift his new sectional garage door and drop it safely back down again. The door was activated by switches both inside and outside the garage. The idea however would not catch fire in the popular imagination until well after World War II when convenience became one of the bywords of modern life.

The job of the opener is to set the door in motion and hand it off to the springs that do the bulk of the work. Once the springs are engaged the motor acts more like a control mechanism than a lift mechanism. It applies just enough force to regulate the speed at which the door moves and makes sure everything is nice and smooth.

Garage door motors/openers are hardy pieces of equipment that should last 10 years or more but they will need regular maintenance checks in order to keep them running at optimal efficiency. You ignore maintenance on this important component of the overhead door system at your own peril.

Why Springs Often Seem to Wear Quickly

If you bought your home brand new some time ago you may have awakened one day to learn the spring or springs on your garage door had failed and needed to be replaced. You might have thought it odd that the springs would wear out after only a few years of use, and you'd be right. Normally springs should last as long as the motor or even longer. So what happened?

Overhead Door Springs

In most cases what homeowners in this situation discover is that the developer, in an effort to save money and increase their profit margin, cut corners on the garage door knowing few homebuyers ever bother to inspect this particular system. Typically the money saving manifests itself in springs made of inferior grade steel or springs that are too small to do the job effectively. Some homes have garage doors with one extension spring centrally mounted, rather than 2 springs with one above each track of the door.

The discount door lifting system seems to work fine until one day the overworked spring simply gives out and you're left with the cost of replacing it. Signs that the torsion or extension springs on your door are in trouble include:

  • The door shakes or stutters as it rises and falls.
  • The door opens slowly or the speed is uneven.
  • The door fails to retract all the way.

If you notice any of these signs please do not attempt to repair or replace the springs yourself. Call the professionals at A Better Garage Door. Garage door springs are dangerous pieces of equipment, even if they're tired and worn.

Expert Garage Door Repair

No other company in the Boulder region can bring the experience and resources to bear on your garage door problems as A Better Garage Door. We've been helping the residents of this city stay warm and dry as they enter and exit their homes for more than 23 years. During that time we've seen the city change and grow but the spirit of the people and their desire for value has always remained the same.

The service technicians we send to your home have been rigorously trained and are familiar with every type of door in use in the region. They show up at your house ready to tackle the problem at hand and have the practical knowledge, equipment and parts to do the job right. If you wish they can explain exactly what they're going to do and why they've chosen that course of action.

Top Quality Garage Door Installation

Garage for Outdoor Gear

Living in Boulder you've probably got lots of outdoor toys in the Garage that need safekeeping. If the time is at hand to install a new garage door we'll sit down with you to discuss all your options. Today's overhead doors are much more energy efficient than those of even 10 or 20 years ago so no matter which style you choose you're bound to save money in the long run. At A Better Garage Door we leave the second-rate doors to others and only install top-quality equipment from, among others, Martin Door, CHI and Amar. Today's best overhead doors are not only quiet and efficient, they also do a much better job of insulating your garage against costly heat drain and provide effective sound insulation as well.

If you'd like a customized door for your home we can do that too. We'll help you determine which style will work best with your home's existing design profile and create a door that's as much architectural accessory as it is practical accessory. You'll have a wide variety of panel colors and finishes to choose from as well as many different types of glass and window styles.

A Better Garage Door for the People of Boulder

Boulder is the type of town that draws people in with its breathtaking beauty and keeps them coming back for the charm and friendliness of its residents. The nearby mountains are laced with hiking trails that give way to awe-inspiring vistas and at night the city comes to life with gourmet restaurants and the sounds of the acclaimed Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. If it's excitement you want the University of Colorado Buffaloes pack Folsom Field to overflowing during Saturdays in the fall as they compete year after year at the upper echelons of college football.

Most people dream of living in a town like this and we're proud to call it part of our greater Colorado home. If you need garage door service of any type call (303) 920-2267 and speak with Big Mike, the owner, your local garage door expert.

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