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Northglenn Colorado is a quiet, cozy home-rule municipality carved out of Adams and Weld counties and incorporated on April 19, 1969. Although a relative newcomer to the list of Colorado municipalities the town has wasted no time establishing a reputation as a desirable place to live, work and raise a family. Average household income in Northglenn is about $52,000 per year putting it right in line with the national average.

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Northglenn is a short ride from Denver up Interstate 25 and is ideally suited to take advantage of both that city's many cultural and entertainment possibilities and the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains as well. Agriculture long ago ceased to be the dominant industry in this part of Colorado but that hasn't stopped the town from thriving nonetheless. Important local industries today include manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation and more.

A significant proportion of the town's housing stock is between 10 and 20 years old and while that bodes well for the future it also indicates that many of the garage doors in Northglenn will be needing replacement soon (if they haven't already been replaced). This is due to the fact that the average overhead door has a lifespan of - you guessed it - 10 to 20 years. For those other aging garage doors in the area that don't yet need to be replaced regular maintenance should be a priority.

Garage Door Springs: Trouble Signs to Look For

Lifting and dropping an overhead door that can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds is a lot to ask of any device so it's pretty amazing that garage door springs last as long as they do. Eventually though all that lifting takes a toll and the springs give out. The last thing you want however is for the failure to take you by surprise when you arrive home in the middle of a blizzard or you're late for work in the morning. So are there any warning signs you can heed in order to execute a pre-emptive strike and replace the spring(s) before they leave you stranded? Fortunately yes, and they include:

  • The door raises a few inches and stops.
  • The door seems to free fall on the way down.
  • The door shakes and shimmies when in motion.
  • The door seems to be lower on one side when in motion.
  • You can't open the door even after disconnecting the motor.
  • You hear a loud bang when the door is in operation.

That last item typically indicates the torsion spring(s) has snapped and will need to be replaced. Keep in mind though that working on overhead door springs is a job that should always be left to properly trained professionals. Garage door springs store enormous amounts of energy that can be suddenly released with devastating effects if they're not handled properly.

The Garage Door Motor

The garage door motor is often a source of confusion because A) it's just as often called the “opener” as the “motor” and B) even if you know it as the “opener” it doesn't really do the opening. The springs do that. The opener is actually a kind of tugboat. It gets the door started in the right direction and then guides it smoothly along the tracks to its resting place in either the open or closed position. So it's not a weightlifter but it is, when all is said and done, the “automatic” part of the automatic garage door system. It's the motor/opener that responds to commands.

Like the spring on your door the motor has a shelf life of approximately 10,000 cycles which, in most cases, works out to about 10 years. Of course if you only use the door a few times a week it should last perhaps twice that long. In order to get the most out of your opener you'll need to have it serviced regularly and that is especially true if your door is well into its second decade of life.

The bottom line with garage door motors/openers is that they're tough, durable pieces of equipment but like most high performance machinery they require a certain degree of TLC.

Dependable Garage Door Repair

The residents of Northglenn are hard-working, no-nonsense folks who know the value of a dollar and have no time for games when it comes to important services. They know that when they call A Better Garage Door for garage door repair or service they'll get the straight scoop from our technicians and salespeople, and especially from Mike, the owner. He answers every call and sets every appointment. He promises to help everyone make an informed decision the best way to proceed based strictly on the facts.

For more than 23 years we've been providing the highest quality parts and services for the people of Northglenn and in that time we've seen and worked in all kinds of conditions. As a result the good people here also know that, regardless of whether the sun is baking hot or snow squalls are coursing down off of the Rockies they can call us in an emergency and we'll be there to help.

Whether you need to replace broken springs, repair the auto reverse mechanism, repair or replace the opener or just have the entire system serviced on a regular basis A Better Garage Door is the only company in the region that will deliver quality and value for you every time.

Our Garage Door Installations

Sometimes you need to have your overhead door repaired or serviced and sometimes you need to have it replaced. Sure, it's not something that will happen very often but if you stay in the same home for any length of time it's likely to come up. At A Better Garage Door we offer a full line of high-quality garage doors from Martin Door, CHI, Amarr and others that are beautiful, quiet, energy efficient and long lasting. We'll provide you a new garage door quickly and affordably and have your home back to normal in no time.

Garage door install in Northglenn

Garage door installation in Northglenn

If it's a custom garage door that you need you'll find it at A Better Garage Door. We can design a door for you that will mesh seamlessly with your home regardless of its age or architectural style. We use high quality American made products to fashion custom doors that speak to your individual tastes and the design requirements of your home. Your new custom door will not only add buckets of curb appeal to your home but enhance its market value as well.

We're Invested in Northglenn

A Better Garage Door has been helping the people of Northglenn enjoy trouble free operation of their garage doors as far back as many local residents can remember. We've watched the town grow, witnessed its ups and downs, seen it weather economic transitions and emerge stronger than ever. While the town may not have the historical pedigree of some other cities and towns in Colorado it wasn't just dropped onto the high plains in 1969 either. The area, the people who inhabit it, and their can-do attitude have all been part of the Colorado plateau culture for decades. We look forward to serving the good people of Northglenn into the foreseeable future and beyond.

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