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5 Ways in Which Your Current Garage Door is Letting You Down

Garage door letting you down

Garage doors are one of the most overworked, and overlooked parts of your home.

Let’s say you only use your garage door twice a day—once when leaving for work and once when coming home—that’s still 730 times a year! It’s actually estimated that this big lug of a door is working hard upwards of 1,000 times per year.

Something used so much should hold a lofty position in your home. It should be smoothly working, secure, and convenient—not a hassle. This may mean making garage door repairs, it may mean a new door altogether.

Either way, your current garage door is probably not pulling its weight. Here are some ways how:

1. It’s an Insulation Pushover

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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Garage Space This Year

If you’ve ever wished you had an extra room in your house for something fun and creative, you’re in luck, because you do!

The garage is one of the biggest rooms in the house, and—besides parking the car, and storing knick-knacks—one of the most underused.

Here are some creative ways you can put your garage space to its best use this year:

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Garage Door Repair Tricks - 5 Steps to a Safer Garage Door

Garage Door Safety

It may not be the first thing you think of when you consider your home’s safety. But if not given their due attention, garage doors can be a real hazard.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 30,000 garage door related accidents per year. Unfortunately, because of their vulnerable size, children who are injured can often suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

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