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Garage Doors and Wind: How Much Can They Handle?

House with two-car garage and sold sign in yard beneath blowing treets on windy day

Your typical American home will likely feature a sizeable garage door installation. Often they’re the biggest and most prominent feature at the front of your home, and they also offer a big means of access to your property. Unfortunately, they aren’t as strong as you think, especially in high wind!

So how strong is your garage door, really? And how much wind can it handle? As your local overhead door company in Parker, Littleton, and Broomfield, let us explain...

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Common Garage Door Seal Types (and How to Maintain Them)

Black rubber seal for weather-sealing bottom of garage door

When you think of your Parker or Broomfield garage door installation, generally you think of the material, the pattern, the often broken garage door springs and maybe, just maybe, even the tracks. But do you ever think of the seals around the outside?

These are the unsung heroes of garage doors. They serve so many purposes, and yet often go unnoticed and forgotten. Let us explain how they work and why they’re so important to the functioning of your overhead door installation.

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Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

Two adjacent metal garage doors in solid orange and red

It’s not something you talk about every day, but your garage is actually pretty handy, isn’t it? Once upon a time a garage was just used for storing your car, and that’s what they’re known for even today, but most of us use our garage space for much more than that.

We use it to store tools, bikes, toys, and other personal belongings. Some people use their garages as laundry rooms, whilst others have even taken to working in there. And regardless of how you use it, we can guarantee one more thing – having a garage adds value to your home!

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