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How to Reduce Your Garage Door's Chances of Freezing Shut

Van with 'SO COLD' written in frost on windshield beside white and blue residential garage Reduce your garage door's odds of freezing shut this winter by following these recommendations from our garage door repair experts. How to Reduce the Chances of Your Garage Door Freezing Shut

Whether you love the winter weather in Denver or you hate it, there is one fact we cannot deny. With the freezing temperatures come certain challenges that we have to overcome if we want to keep our garage doors operating flawlessly. One of the more serious challenges is that of ensuring your door never gets frozen shut during the colder months of the year. As garage door repair specialists operating out of Parker and Broomfield, CO, we have seen more than our fair share of frozen shut doors over the years and have developed some useful strategies that we use to keep our own doors operating in all weather conditions. Today, we would like to share those strategies with you in the hope they may help you to enjoy a hassle-free winter this year.

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Three Garage Door Lock Types and the Benefits of Each

Liftmaster brand garage door lock attached to white garage door's tracks

Whether you only use your garage to keep your car safe or you store tools and other valuables in it too, the type of lock you have fitted should be strong enough to prevent burglars from gaining entry. As garage door repair and installation specialists, we have seen many different types of locks being used over the years but there are three types that stand out in terms of security and durability. If you want to ensure that your car and other valuables are safely locked up at night, we recommend you consider having one of these three lock types installed.

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Seven Likely Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Close

Red steel garage door stuck partially open

Overhead garage doors that are fitted with electric openers are generally very reliable, especially the more recent models that are available in Broomfield and elsewhere in the country. However, much like any other electrically operated equipment, they can sometimes develop faults that are hard to diagnose. One of the problems that our garage door repair team is asked to diagnose and fix on a fairly regular basis is that of an overhead door that will not close completely, no matter how many times the remote is pressed. Sometimes the solution is a simple one that the homeowner could have tried themselves if they only knew what to look for. Other times, it requires the attention of an experienced technician to get the door working as intended again.

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