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How to Remove Rust From Your Garage Door

Paneled two-car metal garage door covered in rust

You accidentally left a shovel outside all winter, and when you retrieved it you noticed the blade had brown and red streaks on it and tiny flakes of metal fell off when you touched it. Uh-Oh.

When you decided to put it back in the garage, your eyes were drawn to the bottom of the garage door where a chunk of weatherstripping is missing – and you could see the same red and brown streaks you observed on the shovel.

That’s right, it’s probably rust, the mortal enemy of anything made of steel, metal, or iron – including your garage door.

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The Importance of Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Dark teal paneled two-car garage door through flakes of falling snow in winter season

The garage door is a marvel of engineering. But, like many other products and mechanisms that make our lives safer and more convenient, we often take it for granted. We just assume that every time we signal for the door to open it’s going to open, and it always does. Until that snowy or rainy night when we approach the house and nothing happens.

It’s never fun when the garage door fails and you have to call for garage door repair, but it’s often preventable. Garage door failure is typically the result of poor maintenance. Small problems that could have been caught and rectified during a routine maintenance visit become big problems that end up with you having to call for garage door repair in Loveland or Boulder.

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