Garage Door Installation and Repair in Commerce City

Like most cities and towns in the area Commerce City can trace its birth to the period just before the Civil War when gold fever ruled the West. Many of the hardy souls who abandoned their lives in the big Eastern cities reached the foot of the Rocky Mountains after months of arduous travel and decided enough was enough; they'd make their stand here. One of those souls was “Colonel” Jack Henderson, an industrious gent who found his niche selling provisions to prospectors during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. He eventually built himself a ranch, a trading post and a hotel in a classic display of frontier entrepreneurship. His land and commercial holdings would form the backbone for development of the region.

Commerce City itself was slow to coalesce although it finally did so when the southern part of Adams County was incorporated as Commerce Town in 1951. 11 years later, after Commerce Town annexed much of nearby Derby it attained city status and duly changed its name to Commerce City. Since 1990 the city's population has more than tripled to its current 54,000 and counting residents.

Today the city is home to the largest oil refinery in the Rocky Mountains as well as the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team who play their home games at the $150 million, 20,000 seat Dick's Sporting Goods Park in the city.

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As with many municipalities in this part of the country the housing stock in Commerce City is a mixture of 30-40 year old single-story, single-family homes and larger, multi-story houses constructed around and since the turn of the 21st century. And although home valuations may vary what doesn't vary is the need all of these homes have for first-class garage door services.

The Garage Door Opener: Sort of

"Sort of" because although the garage door opener gets the process of opening and closing underway it doesn't actually do the hard work of lifting that 300 - 900 pound door into the open position or of dropping it back into the closed position. It's the torsion or extension springs that do that. Still, without the motor (commonly called the 'opener') you'd have to get out of your car and get the door started yourself. In addition the process of opening and closing would be more herky-jerky and more dangerous, especially the closing part.

Linear Garage Door Opener Schematic

We use Liftmaster brand garage door openers

So the opener isn't really the opener, it's more the "starter" and "motion regulator" but it's still the component that makes an automatic garage door automatic and so it behooves you to do a proper job maintaining and servicing yours. While the typical garage door motor will last anywhere from 10-20 years (depending on how often you use it) you'll probably get far less than that out of it if you don't have it serviced once a year. During a typical service visit the technician will check the condition of the chain, the state of the auto reverse mechanism and whether or not excessive closing force is being applied by the motor. They'll also listen for unusual sights and sounds that could indicate trouble.

The Torsion and Extension Springs

As mentioned above it's the springs that do the hard work of moving your several hundred pounds of garage door into an open position and then closing it again. As such these springs are subjected to immense pressures and store incredible amounts of energy within. If the spring is made from inferior grade steel or not large enough to properly do its job it's going to wear out faster than it should; meaning you may need to replace it after 4 or 5 years rather than the normal 10 or 20 years. Some of the signs that your garage door springs have failed or will soon fail include:

  • The door rises a few inches and stops.
  • The door drops much faster than it should.
  • The door stutters when going up or down.
  • The door's cable and pulley are hanging loose.
  • You hear a loud bang while lifting or lowering the door.

If your door exhibits any of these symptoms you'd be well advised to call for garage door repair quickly in order to stave off a possible serious accident.

A Better Garage Door Repair Company in Commerce City

Whether your home was built only a few years ago or was constructed back in the 80s you still need the garage door to open when you hit the button. If your garage door is giving you trouble you need to call someone who knows the area, knows the different types of doors that were installed on homes here and can get to you fast with the parts and service you need.

At A Better Garage Door we know every nook and cranny of the local area. We're familiar with every type of home constructed here over the past 50 years and our technicians arrive on the scene with all the parts necessary to effect repairs. We'll get right to the heart of the problem, make an accurate assessment, discuss your options with you and have your garage door back up and running in no time. For more than 23 years we've been keeping the garage doors of Commerce City running smoothly. We're part of the community and look forward to whatever the next 23 years will bring.

Garage Door Installations

Even the hardiest, highest quality garage door will need to be replaced at some point and if your home is anywhere from 10-20 years old you're likely to be facing that point soon (if you haven' already). A Better Garage Door offers the finest quality Martin Door, CHI and Doorlink garage doors. We leave the second-rate installations to other companies and concentrate on giving our clients the maximum value for their investment. Each of our installations is done with the care and attention to detail that will ensure it stands the test of time.

Commerce City garage door we installed

If your door has reached the point of no return call us. We'll be happy to discuss options with you including the possibility of installing a customized door in your home. If you have a custom designed home or one that just has a unique look to it a customized garage door can really up the curb appeal and increase the market value of your home as well. Custom garage doors are not as expensive as most people think so be sure to give this option full consideration when the time comes for a new door.

Welcoming Tomorrow

While the future is bound to pose many formidable challenges the people of Commerce City look forward with an optimism that's both encouraging and infectious. Drive through the city today and you'll pick up on an unmistakable energy that harks back to the days of Colonel Jack Henderson and his trading post.

A Better Garage Door is the company to call for all your overhead door needs. From minor to major repairs, scheduled maintenance and service checks right up to new garage door installations and the design in installation of custom overhead doors, we do it all. Call us and rest assured your garage door is in good hands.


As one of the newer communities in the Denver metro area, Reunion residents can rely on A Better Garage Door. Having a beautiful, reliable garage door is a great way to upgrade your home and to give the "Ahh...some" appeal the Reunion community needs.

Whether you are new to the community or have been in this area from the beginning, you know how much work has been put into building a community you can easily call home. From the 10 miles of thoroughly thought out hiking trails to the recreation center that is filled with great things you and your family can do together. The reunion community loves to share events with their families and their neighbors. What better way to do that than revamping your garage to make it more welcoming to your neighbors and appealing to your friends and family.

At A Better Garage Door there is several ways we can help you get your garage door in top shape. From minor repairs to helping you redesign and upgrade your old garage door. Check out the Design your Garage Door sections of our website for more tips and ideas of what we can do for you.

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