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Brighton was founded in the years following the Civil War as Americans pushed West in search of new horizons and greater opportunities. As was the case with many other towns and municipalities in the region the town did not really begin to stand on its own feet until a stage coach depot and later a railroad station were established in the 1870s. Originally named Hughes Station the town was renamed in 1881 after the birthplace of the founder's wife and was formally incorporated in 1887.

Brighton was one of the few towns in the Denver area to escape the boom years of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Only since the turn of the 21st century has the population begun to surge with a more than 50% increase since the year 2000.

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The city has an interesting mix of old and new homes. Its western end features a melange of older 2 story brick homes and single-story, single-family homes. In recent years larger, multi-story houses have sprung up on the eastern side of town complete with gables, clapboard siding and multiple car garages.

Because several major components of the average garage door tend to wear down on roughly 10-20 year intervals you're likely facing the prospect of having your garage door repaired or replaced whether your home was constructed in the mid-70s, mid-90s or the early portion of the 21st century.

Garage Door Springs: The First to Go

Regardless of when your home was constructed the chances are the developer didn't exactly splurge on the garage door system they installed. Developers are savvy folks and they know few people will bother to examine the garage door opener when looking at a home. So instead of splurging they install a discount opener, save a few bucks and the homeowner is none the wiser: until the spring fails. Because it's the springs that are more often than not the first thing to go on a cheap garage door. That's because they're typically made of inferior steel, or too small to do the job properly or there's only 1 extension spring instead of the recommended 2.

broken garage door springs

If your torsion or extension spring has failed there are two important things to remember:

  • First: Don't ever attempt to fix garage door springs yourself. People have actually died trying. The torsion spring in particular is bristling with enormous amounts of stored energy and all it takes is one mistake to release this energy onto an unsuspecting DIYer.

  • And Second: Don't delay having the spring replaced. If the spring broke there's a good chance your door is not hanging properly. Allowing that situation to continue will result in lost energy and a greater risk of further damage to your overall garage door system. Not to mention the inconvenience.

If you own a newer house it's possible that simply replacing the cheap broken springs with new high quality springs may buy you several more years of service out of your existing door.

The Opener

When it comes to garage doors the opener (more accurately the 'motor') tends to get all the press when in fact it's the springs that do the real heavy lifting. That doesn't mean the opener isn't important however. Without it raising or lowering the door wouldn't be possible as it's the opener that gets things started. The lifespan of the typical garage door opener is roughly 10 years although if you rarely use your garage door you may get 20 years or more out of the motor.

Signs that your motor is in trouble or on its last legs include:

  • The door doesn't respond when you push the open button.
  • The door only starts to lift if you give it a bit of a boost.
  • If you disconnect the motor and lift the door manually it works fine.

It's possible a skilled technician may be able to resuscitate your aging opener but if the door system is 10 or 20 years old you should seriously consider simply replacing the entire door setup with a new, energy-efficient model.

Who to Call for Garage Door Repair in Brighton

Repairing the door on your garage is not something you want to put off. Especially in this part of the country. Garage doors were invented so that we would no longer need to expose ourselves to the worst of Mother Nature when we were leaving or entering the garage. If the door is out of service it defeats the entire purpose of having it in the first place. It's like having a car and never driving it because of a flat tire.

Consider this for a moment: If the motor on your door is burned out you'll need to lift and lower the door manually until it's fixed. As this is not a normal activity in your garage you may simply not have the space to maneuver yourself into position to open and close the door easily everytime you drive in and out. Is there a handle on the outside present that you can use? Is your door able to be detached from motor easily? We're happy to walk you through the best procedure on how to use your particular door when your motor is broken, just give us a ring :)

A Better Garage Door has been part of the Brighton community for over 23 years. We know every corner of town, every type of garage door installed here and always arrive on the job with the right tools and, more importantly, the right parts. We'll have your overhead door back up and running quickly regardless of make and model and regardless of weather conditions. If you need to have the door replaced we'll discuss all your options with you so you can make the right decision.

New Garage Door Installations

While it won't happen very often the overhead door on your garage will eventually need to be replaced. Motors burn out, springs break, door panels rot or rust or everything happens at about the same time. When the time comes to install a new door you want to work with a company with a proven track record of quality work at a fair price. That company is A Better Garage Door. We're the premier overhead door company in the region because our customers know they'll always get an honest assessment from us regarding what needs to be done, and we'll never try and oversell them just to make a few extra bucks.

If you need or would like a garage door with a difference we can design and install a custom garage door that will be a perfect match for your home. Whether you have a standard ranch model home or something lifted from the pages of an architecture magazine we'll fit you with a unique door that will enhance your home's curb appeal and provide you years of reliable service.

Thank You

When you walk down Main Street in Brighton you get a sense of community that resonates from its many residents. That pride and resolve hasn't changed much since the town's earliest days and the new comers who settle here seem to fall right into the vibe without missing a beat. It's a town that acknowledges its past and embraces the challenges and wonders that lie in store in the coming years.

Should your overhead door be in need of repair or replacement trust the company that many residents of this hard-working, vibrant community depend on: A Better Garage Door. Thank you for all the support over the years, we'll be here when you need us.

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