Flush Panel Garage Doors

Sleek Flush Panel Garage Doors

Gray flush panel garage door with asymetrical windows on white two-car garage

Our flush-panel garage doors feature a deep, wood grain texture. Each model is built to last using hot-dipped galvanized steel construction and a 2" thick, three-layer steel sandwich panel. Flush panel doors contain durable eco-friendly expanded polystryene insulation with an R-value of 10.25 to help reduce monthly energy costs. A variety of colors and customizable features are available to help ensure that your new garage door perfectly accentuates your home's existing style.

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  • Roll-formed into a tongue-and-groove design for tight section seals
  • 2" thick door sections, steel front or steel "sandwich" design
  • Rigid aluminum weatherstripped retainer and CFC expanded polystrene insulation help to reduce energy costs
  • 20 gauge hinge plates made with hot-dipped galvanized steel facilitate the attachment of handles, struts, step plates and handles.
  • 1.0 paint system with .25 mil rust-inhibiting primer for long-lasting color
  • Available in a wide range of colors and window types