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Arvada was born of the gold rush days of the 1850s. The first instance of gold 'panning out' in the area was on June 22, 1850 when a prospector bound for California happened to dip his sluice pan into a local stream. That prospector's name was Lewis Ralston and the creek where he found that first ΒΌ ounce of gold was named in his honor; Ralston Creek. Ralston and his companions didn't stick around after that first discovery however. They were determined to take part in the California gold rush and so pushed on, leaving Colorado behind.

In 1858 Colorado experienced its own gold frenzy in the form of the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. Although the gold itself played out pretty quickly many of the prospectors took notice of the fertile bottom land along Ralston Creek and turned in their sluice pans for ploughs. Soon agriculture in the area became a thriving industry as farmers sold their crops to the community that had grown up around the prospectors.

Stanley Lake to the West in Fall

The growing town was at first called Ralston Point but later changed its name in honor of Hiram Arvada Haskin, a prominent early settler. The town was incorporated on August 14, 1904 and was a sleepy hamlet until a period of explosive growth hit in the 1950s. Today it is one of the primary suburbs of Denver known for its beauty and openness, its friendly inhabitants and prime location at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

The banks of Ralston Creek have been cleared of the forests that sheltered Lewis Ralston and his fellow prospectors and in their place are a variety of homes old and new, large and small. Some are quite stately while others are simpler but no less important. Many smaller homes along Ralston Creek and indeed across the entire town are vintage 60s, 70s and 80s creations that are sporting garage doors that are near, and in some cases past, their typical expiration date and need repair or replacement.

Garage Door Springs: Function and Lifespan

The springs are the workhorses of the overhead door. Once the motor has set the door in motion the spring or springs are activated and use the energy stored in them to lift the door or drop it gently to the ground. Torsion springs run parallel to the door opening and release their energy by uncoiling. (This type of spring stores incredibly amounts of what is called 'elastic potential energy' and as such homeowners should never attempt to repair or replace a torsion spring themselves.) Extension springs run perpendicular to the door opening and work by stretching and contracting. There are typically 2 extension springs, one above each of the door's tracks.

Garage door springs will, on average, last about 10,000 cycles or anywhere from 10-20 years depending on usage. So if you moved into your new home on the banks of Ralston Creek in 1976 you probably had to replace your springs at some point during the 90s and may need to think about doing so again now or in the near future.

Garage Door Motors

The garage door motor (commonly referred to as the 'opener', though it's actually the springs that do most of the opening) is contained in that little box located in the middle of your garage ceiling. The motor is like the 'starter' in your car's engine in that it gets things going and then takes a back seat. If the motor had to do all the lifting itself it would have to be several times larger than it is. Most openers out there currently last about 10 years so if you've had your home for a while it's likely you've had to replace the motor at least once.

If the motor fails or malfunctions most folks will call the garage door repair company but you eventually reach the point of diminishing returns and will need to either replace the motor or replace the entire door system if, say, the motor and springs begin to fail around the same time.

Garage Door Repair in Arvada

For more than 23 years A Better Garage Door has been serving the needs of local homeowners in Aravada. There likely isn't a garage door in this town that we're not familiar with, either by sight or because we installed it or repaired it at some point. We know what's out there, have the right parts in stock and can effect a repair or installation in a very short order.

Garage Doors in Arvada

As longtime residents of the area we're also used to working in the often extreme conditions that befall the region. You won't ever get excuses from us; only high quality, affordable overhead door repair or installation.

As much of the garage door stock in the city approaches the age at which it will need to be replaced we're often asked to provide cost benefit analysis on whether a repair or a new door would the better value. Every situation is different, but a new door will almost always add more resale value than many higher dollar repairs will so call us to discuss your situation and we'll help you make an informed decision, no matter who you go with in the end.

New Garage Door Installation

At A Better Garage Door we feature beautiful, dependable overhead garage doors from manufacturers including CHI and Amarr. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained in the myriad of intricacies in installing different garage doors in different construction styles. We take care to ensure the jobsite is properly secured before we get to work and then perform the installation with surgical precision.

If you'd like to have a unique garage door installed on your home we can create a custom door for you that will dovetail seamlessly with your home's overall aesthetic be that Bauhaus, mid-century Modern, Victorian, Minimalist or anything else. Our designers have the knowledge and experience to work with any architectural style and the technicians that install your custom door are always focused on your complete satisfaction.

A Better Garage Door: Part of the Community

The Arvada community has always been fun and vibrant with deep roots where people know their neighbors and put stock in hard work. The city itself has more than 3,400 acres of parkland and trails, including the nearly 100 neighborhood parks. While the prospecting days are long gone the city and its residents retain the optimistic, hopeful outlook that drove Lewis Ralston here more than 150 years ago in search of a new start.

These residents, most of whom arrived between 1950 and 1980 when the city's population grew from just over 2,300 to nearly 85,000 have come to know and respect us for the quality, affordable service we provide and have come back to us again and again for all their overhead garage door needs.

If the overhead door on your home is acting up or winding down get in touch with us by going to the contact page on this site or, for faster service, give us a call on (303) 920-2267. We'll get someone out to you quickly to effect repairs, perform maintenance or assess which type of new garage door would be best for your house. Garage doors don't break down or need to be replaced very often but when they do, don't hesitate to call the pros at A Better Garage Door.

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