Thinking about a new garage door

When properly installed and maintained garage doors will typically give you 10 or even 20 years of service. But there comes a time in the life of every door when repairing it may no longer make sense. In those instances you’ll need to pick out a new door and have a professional garage door company install it for you. But how do you know that your door has breathed its last? Well, you could talk to the company that does your maintenance for you or you could read the tea leaves and decide for yourself. But what signs are you looking for that tell you it’s time to replace your garage door? Below we’ll lay some out for you.

It’s Time to Replace the Garage Door if...

Your garage door will usually send you signals that it’s had enough. The key is knowing how to read and interpret them. Some folks stick with their old door long after they should have replaced it and in the process waste money trying to keep the Titanic afloat. So what are the signs that it’s time to throw in the towel and opt for garage door replacement?

  • The Door is Repeatedly Breaking Down - Garage doors are like cars or any other mechanical device; the older they get the more frequently they break down and the more (financial) attention they need. It’s called the law of diminishing returns. If you find yourself calling the garage door repair company once a month it’s time to seriously consider installing a new door. A responsible garage door company will tell you just that, even if it means they’ll lose the income from coming out to your place every month to effect repairs.

  • The Door is Rockin’ and Rollin’ - A properly functioning garage door should slide effortless up and down the tracks, like Fred Astaire gliding across the dance floor. Maybe a wee bit of squeaking is to be expected with age and that’s okay. But if the door is truly rockin’ and rollin’ all night long and acts more like a refugee from a mosh pit than a ballerina it’s probably time to pack it in and go searching for a replacement. Stuttering and vibrating can be signs of serious underlying problems with the tracks, rollers, springs, motor or some combination of them all. So if you find yourself crossing your fingers every time you hit “up”, it’s probably time to run the white flag up the pole and start looking at replacement garage doors.

  • The Door Presents a Security Risk - The fact that the garage door covers the largest opening on your home’s exterior should tell you all you need to know about the important role it plays in your home’s security profile. If the door is old and lose with cracked panels that have spaces between them it’s putting your entire family in jeopardy. We can joke about the door rockin’ and rollin’ but the role it plays in keeping the bad guys outside is no laughing matter. All a determined crook needs to break into your home through a broken down old garage door is a crowbar and about 30 seconds. Don’t invite trouble. Install a new door before your luck runs out.

  • There are Several Panels that Need Attention - If you have an old wooden door that has multiple cracked and splintered panels it’s probably time for garage door replacement. That’s because the wood has likely reached the end of its usefulness so as soon as you replace a few of the panels cracks will appear in others. By the time you replace all the panels some other problem will arise with the motor or the springs and you’ll continue to shell out money trying to stave off the inevitable. If you have more than one or two cracked and splintered panels start shopping around for a new door.

  • The Design is Hopelessly Antiquated - Never underestimate the impact your garage door has on the curb appeal of your home and, by extension, its value. If your door can remember when the Berlin Wall came down it’s probably time to replace it just on general aesthetic principles. Today’s garage doors are marvels of efficiency and have embraced leading edge materials and designs so by replacing your cold war vet you can give your entire property a significant boost.

The Bottom Line

There’s no reason to replace a garage door at the first sign of trouble. But if your door has been around the block a few too many times and is turning into more of a money pit than a convenience it’s time to throw in the towel and call A Better Garage Door. We have an array of replacement garage doors ready to go at a moment’s notice that are stylish, energy efficient, safe and affordable. General rule of thumb if your Garage Door is over 15 years old, which many of them in the Commerce City Renioun area are then its a good time to consider an upgrade