Just as you spend long hours and days getting better at what you do so too your common burglar is constantly looking for new and better ways to gain entry to your home. While most people don’t give it too much thought the garage in fact presents a number of opportunities for the enterprising weasel to break in and help himself to your belongings. So it’s useful to know in what ways your garage may be vulnerable to intrusions. Below A Better Garage Door Service Northglenn will take an in-depth look at how thieves are getting into your garage and what you can do to stop them.

Ways in Which Opportunistic Thieves May Attempt to Gain Access to Your Garage and How to Stop Them

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Here are 7 ways thieves get into your garage and 7 ways you can prevent them from doing so.

  1. Through the window - Many garages have windows and many of those windows are prone to a kind of benign neglect. It’s not that the homeowner is consciously ignoring them, it’s just that these windows tend to be forgotten because they’re out of view.
  2. Through the side door - While many garages can only be entered through the garage door there are some garages that have a standard entry door off to the side. These doors are often poorly secured and are prime targets for opportunistic thieves.
  3. Through an unclosed garage door - It’s all too common for people to leave home in a hurry and forget to close the garage door after themselves. Doing so, especially after nightfall, is an open invitation to an opportunistic thief.
  4. Through a broken or old garage door - Like everything else when a garage door gets old, it gets weak. Panels come loose, the door doesn’t close all the way or the frame begins to rot. All of these conditions are ripe for exploitation by experienced thieves.
  5. By grabbing your garage door code - Code grabbing has been around for years. But while new garage door openers are mostly able to thwart code grabbers (mostly) by randomly changing access codes after each use, older doors are still susceptible to being ‘hacked’.
  6. By stealing your remote - If you leave the remote in your unlocked car and leave your car in the driveway you could very well come out and find someone has stolen it. Remember most burglars live in the same neighborhood as the houses they rob.
  7. By using a coat hanger - Those of us at Better Garage Door Service in Broomfield know it only takes a few seconds to slip a coat hanger up through the top of your door opening and trip the manual override. Once that’s done the door can be opened by hand.

How to Prevent These Types of Intrusions

  1. Secure your garage window - It’s pretty simple to secure your garage window with a deadbolt. It’s also a good idea to install a film on the inside of the panes so that your local B&E guy can’t window shop.
  2. Beef up the side door - Add a deadbolt lock to the side door. Frost over any windows in the door. Repair any rot or other damage to the door frame and install a security plate near the doorknob so the door can’t be popped open with a screwdriver.
  3. Close the garage door remotely - Many new garage doors can be wired into the Internet. This way even if you remember you left the door open when you’re already at the airport you can access the door via your smartphone and close it.
  4. Install a new door - The best way to thwart thieves exploiting weaknesses in an old garage door is to call A Better Garage Door Service in Broomfield and have us install a new one. If your garage door is more than 10 or 15 years old there’s really no excuse for not replacing it.
  5. Update the opener - If your opener is old and has only a single access code it’s time to upgrade to a new opener that utilizes rolling code technology. This is the easiest way to prevent code grabbers from gaining entrance through the garage.
  6. Hide your remote - It goes without saying that the easiest way to prevent someone from stealing your remote is to not leave it laying around where someone could easily grab it. Keep it locked in the glove compartment when you’re not in the car or keep it in your purse.
  7. Protect the emergency release - Attach a small flat piece of wood or metal to the trolley arm of the emergency release. This will prevent any fishing expeditions from being able to reach the release lever and open the door.

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