When installing garage doors many home builders will use only a single spring. This is done for two reasons. 1) To save money and 2) because the builder correctly assumes that most of the time the new homeowner won’t think to check the number of springs on the overhead door. The builder’s assumption that most people won’t check is a fairly safe one because as any garage door service in Broomfield will tell you many homeowners (and would be homeowners) believe the number of springs on a garage door is pretty meaningless. After all, the thinking goes, it’s the “opener” that opens the door. Right?

Double Spring Garage Doors

The Truth About Garage Door Openers and Why You Need Springs

The opener in fact only supplies the initial push or pull and then acts as a regulator to make sure the movement of the door is smooth and safe. It’s actually the torsion or extension springs that do the heavy lifting. So whether your garage door has one or two springs will often times make a difference in how dependable your door is, how often it will need repair and how long it will last. That said let’s look at some of the advantages of having a two spring system on your garage door.

The Top Garage Door Service in Northglenn Explains the Value of Two Springs

Now that we have a better appreciation for the important role the springs play in the operation of the garage door let’s look at the two spring garage door system. The dual spring system actually has a number of advantages over most single spring systems for the following reasons:

  • It helps preserve the doors components - If you have a small engine in your car it’s going to have to work harder than a large engine to get you around. Because of this every component in the engine will be more susceptible to breaking down; and sooner rather than later. It’s the same with the garage door. A single spring puts pressure on other components like the bearing plates and side drums. It can also create twisting pressure on the rollers and the tracks if the door is opening and closing even a tiny bit unevenly. With a two spring system this type of twisting motion is eliminated while pressure is also relieved on the side drums, bearing plates and more.
  • You have a backup in case one of the springs breaks - With a single torsion or extension spring you could be in a very tight spot if you or someone else is under the door when the spring snaps. When that happens the full weight of the door (typically several hundred pounds) is transferred to the motor. But the motor, as we learned above, is not built to handle the full weight of the door. And so what often happens is that the spring snaps, the weight is transferred to the motor, the motor is overwhelmed, the opener arm breaks and the door comes crashing down. With a two spring system however if one spring snaps you have another one to absorb the weight and keep the door from plunging to the ground.
  • Extended life expectancy for each spring - The life of garage door springs, whether of the torsion or extension variety, are measured in ‘cycles’. One complete up and down motion is one cycle. If you have a single spring garage door that spring is taking the full weight of the door every time it opens and closes. If however you have two springs each is only absorbing half the load. As such you should be able to get twice as many cycles out of a pair of springs as opposed to a single spring simply because the two springs help each other carry the load equally.
  • Help in a pinch - If you have two extension springs and one of them breaks the door won’t come crashing down as we mentioned above because the remaining spring will shoulder the load. In such cases however, you may need to disengage the motor because only having one extension spring pulling from one side of the door will result in uneven pressure on the door and its components. If you need to open the door manually while you wait for the pros to arrive to fix your garage door springs in Broomfield you’ll find that the single spring makes it much easier to open the door than if there were no viable springs. And that’s important because the door can weigh hundreds of pounds.

There can be little doubt that a two spring garage door system is a safer, longer lasting and smoother running system than one with a single spring. If you need service on your garage door springs in Northglenn or need garage door service in Broomfield of any type call A Better Garage Door.