When it comes to turning over a new leaf most people think of dropping a few pounds, exercising or spending more time with the kids. What they don’t think about is being better to their garage. But maybe they should. The garage is the largest open space in the house but most people treat it like a basement where they happen to park. Being kinder to your garage will pay big dividends in terms of safety, security and health and head off the need for things like garage door opener repair.

10 Good Garage Habits to Get into in 2018

Good Garage Habits from Your Favorite Garage Door Repair Company

Let’s get right into it shall we?

  1. Keep it clean - Some homes have incredible curb appeal. The paint job is perfect, the landscaping is impeccable and every window is cleaned right into the corners. And then the garage door opens and it looks like a portal to another world. A troubled world. Where brooms don’t exist and the idea of “order” is as foreign as the concept of “storage box”. Make regular cleaning the first good garage habit you get into this year.
  2. Don’t leave the door open for no reason - A lot of folks are in the habit of leaving the garage door open on fine weather days. And that’s great, if you plan to open a shelter for homeless mice, raccoons and birds. Of if you really want to invite the need for garage door repair. Boulder CO is not New York. There’s lots of wild things around these parts. Keep the door closed.
  3. Leave the engine off until you need it - A lot of folks also leave the car running in the garage, especially during the cold winter months. Don’t. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that’s odorless and is emitted by car engines in huge volumes. Stave off tragedy by getting in the habit of leaving the engine off until you’re ready to go.
  4. No washing the car in the garage - It’s understandable why people would think washing their car in the garage is a good idea in the winter, but it’s not. Get in the habit of taking it to a car wash or just waiting for a warm enough day to wash it outside. Washing it in the garage can cause moisture damage to the garage door opener, springs and more.
  5. Make it a no smoking zone - A lot of folks smoke in the garage. Get in the habit of making the garage a no smoking zone instead. Second-hand smoke won’t be able to seep into the rest of the house and the whole atmosphere in the garage will smell better and be more pleasant. This goes for your stoner buddies too.
  6. Put away tools when you’re done with them - Whether you’re a hobbyist, a DIYer or do garage door repair leaving tools lying around the garage not only makes a mess it creates a safety hazard. While it may be tempting to just drop that power drill on the counter and go have lunch a better idea is to get in the habit of putting it away.
  7. Clean the tracks to start each season - The tracks on your garage door ensure the door opens and closes properly. Clean tracks also ensure the garage door opener as well as the springs enjoy long, happy lives. At the start of each new season it’s a good idea to give the tracks on the garage door a once over, just to make sure they’re nice and clean.
  8. Check the weatherstripping - Get in the habit of keeping an eye on the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door. You don’t have to watch it like you work for a Broomfield garage door repair company, but every now and then make a habit of checking that the weatherstripping hasn’t been damaged or isn’t pulling away anywhere.
  9. Lubricate the hinges - No other window or door mechanism in the house has as many hinges as the garage door. Not only that but they’re constantly subjected to blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, snow, sleet and blowing dirt and debris. Do your garage door a favor by getting in the habit of inspecting the hinges on a monthly basis and, if need be, adding a bit of lubrication.
  10. Clean the windows - Even the most fastidious homeowner often forgets that there’s a window in the garage and that it should be cleaned from time to time. Often there is more than one because many a garage door has a row of windows built right in. The whole garage will look better and be a more upbeat place if you keep the windows nice and clean.

Take it from the area’s #1 company for garage door repair in Loveland and Boulder; good garage habits pay dividends throughout the house.