Garage door openers have been a fixture of modern life for decades now. They’ve become so much a part of the cultural/domestic landscape that most folks tend to take them for granted. That is, until it comes time to either purchase one or call for garage door service in Northglenn. We get a lot of questions from homeowners concerning garage door openers and it’s understandable. Because even though the basic concept of the automatic garage door has remained pretty much the same since they were first introduced the details have changed in a big way: to the point where you can now operate your garage door or check on the state of your garage door springs in Broomfield from your beach chair in Thailand

Answering Some of the Most Common Questions People Have About Garage Door Openers

Common Garage Door Opener Questions Answered

Below we’re going to address some of the most common questions we get asked about garage door openers. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision when it comes to garage door service in Broomfield or Northglenn. Let’s get started.

  • Why does the remote only seem to work when I’m close to the opener? - We get this question fairly often and the answer has to do with radio frequency interference. If you have motion detectors in your home, say as part of a security system, the radio frequency they emit can interfere with the signal from your remote to the opener. So can the signal from wireless computer game consoles. If you have a flexible antenna on your opener you may be able to adjust it to fix the problem. If not an antenna extension attached to the exterior of your home should clear it up.
  • Will my opener work during a power outage? - A standard garage door opener will not work during a power outage, unless you install a battery backup. Battery backups are available for most garage door openers today. Typically you install them just above the opener and plug them into the opener. If the power goes out the battery kicks in and if you need to enter or exit the house the opener works like it always does. When the power comes back on the opener reverts to the standard power source.
  • Why does the opener reverse before the door is closed? - Every modern garage door opener comes with auto reverse capability. If anything breaks the sensor beam that runs across the inside of the door at knee height while the door is closing the door will automatically reverse in order not to hurt people or pets. Sometimes however this sensor beam can become misaligned or dirt on the sensor can create false readings causing the door to reverse. Clean the sensor and check the alignment to fix the problem.
  • What’s the difference between chain, belt and screw drive openers? - Chain drives are the most popular type of opener because they tend to be the most affordable. They’re also however the noisiest of the three types of openers. Belt drives are just as strong as chain drives but typically a lot quieter. While screw drives provide fast, quiet, powerful performance that makes them perfect for large, very heavy doors.
  • Are there any advantages to DC powered openers? - With a DC powered garage door opener your opener will be capable of variable speed operation. This will enable silky smooth starts and stops and generally create less wear and tear on the garage door.
  • Why do people typically replace their opener? - The most common reasons for replacing the opener are:
    • Noise - As openers get old they tend to get louder, particularly chain drive openers.
    • Safety - Some legacy garage door openers don’t have the auto-reverse function.
    • Convenience - New garage door openers are high tech devices that can be added to the Internet of things and controlled via smartphone apps.
    • Security - Many older garage door openers are still using static passcodes. New openers generate a new code every time the door is opened making the door less susceptible to hacks.
  • If my garage door springs break will it harm the opener? - When a torsion spring breaks it can put enormous pressure on the opener. However modern openers should be able to withstand the shock. If you need to replace your garage door springs in Northglenn give us a call.
  • How big should the motor be in my opener? - For a single car garage door ½ horsepower should be sufficient. For a heavier door you’ll want something more powerful like a ¾ horsepower motor. Try a screw drive for heavier doors as well if you have the option.

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