With spring cleaning right around the corner this is as good a times as any to discuss the need for storage space. Ultimately an awful lot of the stuff we wind up dealing with during the spring cleanup is stuff that just accumulated during the winter or was perhaps given to us at Christmas. Now it needs a home. The garage is where a good deal of that clutter is going to ultimately wind up so it pays to have some first rate garage storage hacks at your disposal that you can implement on the cheap. Below our garage door installers will look at 10 of their favorite hacks.

Garage Storage That Doesn't Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Laying the Groundwork

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of our garage storage hacks let’s cover a few basics rules about what gets stored and what doesn’t:

  • If you’re contemplating storing things that you haven’t used in year or more don’t bother. Hold a yard sale or donate them to charity instead.
  • Conversely, if you have things lined up for storage that you use once a month or more don’t store them way out in the garage. Find a place under the kitchen counter or in a closet.
  • Before you rework or add to your garage storage space make sure to organize what’s already there. Don’t just add new storage capabilities to a messy situation. Throw out old TVs or donate them to charity and gather as many things as you can bear to part with for a yard sale.

Cheap Garage Storage Hacks from Your Favorite Garage Door Installation Company

Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at our list of affordable garage storage hacks.

  1. Ye Olde Peg Board - Peg boards have been a favorite organizational hack for decades because they’re easy to make and cost next to nothing. They can be attached to any part of the wall in the garage and can be used to store all types of tools.
  2. Simple shelves - Utilizing the walls is a great way to optimize the storage potential of your garage. Peg boards are a great way to start but you also need to install some simple shelving as well to handle all types of misc stuff currently clogging things up in the garage.
  3. The power tool station - Power tools are often spread out between the workbench and various drawers. So consolidating them is key. You can get a free plan for a compact power tool station from numerous websites that offer them. Just build it and install it over the workbench.
  4. Get your garden tools off the floor - Often times it’s hard to find floor space in the garage to put a new cabinet or to stack storage tubs because there are shovels, rakes and more leaning against the walls everywhere. Get them off the floor with a few simple wall racks. You can purchase the necessary racks from any home improvement store. They’re cheap.
  5. Get your bikes off the floor too - If you have exposed beams in the garage ceiling simple hammer 2 large spikes into them (one for each wheel) for each of your bikes and get them up off the floor. If you want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing bike hooks are cheap and available everywhere. Once you get everything off the floor it will seem like a new garage.
  6. Plastic tubs - Now that you’ve created some floor space by hanging the rakes, shovels and bikes you can build out some super cheap wooden shelves and populate them with plastic storage tubs full of stuff from the house.
  7. Make use of the space above the garage door - After a garage door installation there is often unused space above the door when it is open. This is a great place to install some storage shelves for the things you don’t need right now but don’t want to toss like throw rugs and books.
  8. Magnetic storage - If you’ve got a bunch of loose hand tools clanking around various drawers install magnets on the bottom of one of your shelves and hang all these screwdrivers, pliers and more from them. You’ll clear more space and have these popular tools at hand all the time.
  9. Organize all those nails and screws - Baby food jars make the perfect receptacles for nails, screws, bolts, nuts and more. Label each jar and then place them on a new shelf over the workbench to clear up even more space in your existing drawers for other things.

Creating ample garage door storage is, more often than not, simply of matter of organizing and making better use of the space you have available to you. So put the above hacks to good use and watch the storage possibilities open up in front of you. However, always remember there is some things you never want to store in your garage

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