It’s understandable that most folks think the garage door opener opens the garage door. After all, it’s called the “opener” for a reason, right? Well, yes and no. It’s actually called the opener because calling it the “garage door starter and motion regulator” just wasn’t going to work from a marketing perspective. But that’s actually what it does. It plays a role in opening the door but doesn’t actually do much of the heavy lifting. Instead, it sets the door in motion and then regulates that motion to ensure it’s nice and even all the way up and back down again. But if the opener isn’t actually opening the door then what is? The answer is; the springs.

Mistakes Homeowners Make with Garage Door Springs in Broomfield and Northglenn

Because the proper role of garage door springs in Northglenn is so often either misunderstood or simply overlooked homeowners have a tendency to make a few common mistakes in dealing with them. Some of these errors are relatively harmless but some could have dire consequences. Here are 5 of the biggest:

  1. Not listening to what the springs are saying - If you listen closely your garage door springs may be trying to tell you something. If you hear a thumping sound emanating from the door right before it finishes closing it may indicate that the springs need to be adjusted. If you hear a squeaking sound coming from the springs it likely indicates they need to be lubricated. If you’re hearing screeching and scraping sounds coming from the track it may indicate that one of the springs is broken or simply worn out and the door is being pulled to one side as it rises and falls. Ignoring these sounds could lead to serious accidents and/or expensive repairs down the line.

  2. Not replacing broken springs right away - Sometimes after they become aware one of their garage door springs has broken homeowners will simply leave the problem to be dealt with at a later date. After all, the opener still works so why should they worry about the springs? This is a big mistake. A door that has to depend on one of two springs to open and close is ripe for failure. Everything from the opener to the tracks, rollers, cables and the remaining spring are going to be stressed to the max and failure is inevitable. Stave off potentially catastrophic accidents by replacing springs immediately.

  3. Broken Garage Door Spring
  4. Replacing only one spring - Sometimes after several years a garage door spring will snap. In such a case homeowners often call for garage door service in Northglenn and ask the technician to replace the broken spring, and only the broken spring. This is a mistake. If the first spring broke because its time had come the other spring is not going to be far behind. It’s better in this case to simply replace them both and return the door to proper functioning for the next 10 years or so. Also, running a door with a new spring and an old spring can damage the rollers and tracks and put undue stress on the opener.

  5. Trying to fix worn out or broken springs themselves - Perhaps the biggest, most dangerous mistake homeowners make is trying to repair or replace damaged springs themselves. The springs in your garage door mechanism store enormous amounts of energy. They need to in order to lift a door that often weighs many hundreds of pounds. Working around the torsion or extension springs then should only be done by those with the training and technical knowhow to do so safely. People die every year working on garage door springs. Most of those fatalities are homeowners who decided to repair or replace garage door springs themselves in order to save a few bucks. It’s just not worth it. Call the pros.

  6. Not calling for garage door service in Broomfield - Having your garage door serviced on an annual basis is the best way to ensure the springs are in good shape and you get 20 or more years of faithful service from the door itself. On the other hand not maintaining the garage door properly will typically shorten its life by 25% or more and subject everyone in the home to unnecessary risks associated with old, potentially worn out springs. Folks often make the mistake of thinking their garage door is self-sustaining and maintenance free. This is not actually the case. They won’t need much TLC but they will need some.

Garage door springs are probably the least understood component of the entire door mechanism. Don’t gamble with your health or the safety of your loved ones. Have your garage door springs inspected annually and if any repair or replacement work is needed leave that work to the experts at A Better Garage Door.