The attached garage is one of those things that separate the modern house from its forebears. In the olden days the carriage house was a good distance away from the main house in order to ensure odors from the horses stayed clear of the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Today we drive our vehicles directly into the house with nothing but a standard interior door separating the garage from the living space. It’s incredibly convenient. But it also creates a few vexing issues, including those having to do with the garage environment. Like the basement the garage is typically unfinished, which means that in the winter it gets incredibly cold and in the summer it can be hot as an oven. Below we’ll look at some ways to cool the garage down this summer.

Garage Cooling Tips

Keeping Your Garage Nice and Cool All Summer Long

During the summer months many garages could double as hot houses or saunas. Homeowners often race from the air conditioned living quarters through the stifling garage to their car so they can crank the AC and get comfortable again. But maybe you don’t have to just accept that your garage could pass for Death Valley in the summertime. Maybe you can do some things to cool it down. Things like:

  • Insulating the garage - People think insulation and they think heat retention. So why would you want to add insulation and make a hot garage even hotter? Actually, insulation works both ways. In the winter it keeps warm air in and in the summer it keeps hot air out. If the walls in your garage are unfinished then installing insulation should be a relative breeze.
  • Insulating the garage door - And while you’re at it, if your garage door is uninsulated make sure you add plenty of insulation to the back of each panel. This, combined with the insulation you add to the walls, should drop the temperature in the garage by 10 degrees or more and make it easier to cool adjoining rooms as well.
  • Covering the window - You’d be amazed how much heat enters the garage through an uncovered window. Simply hanging a thick drape over the window will prevent summer sunlight from infiltrating and raising the interior temperature of the garage. It’s a quick affordable fix anyone can do.
  • Changing the shingles - Most attached garages have their own section of roof and often times the shingles on that roof are a dark, charcoal color that absorbs heat. That heat then radiates down into the space making it unbearable. If you’re serious about wanting a cooler garage swap out these dark shingles for light colored ones that will reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.
  • Changing the color of the garage door - While we’re on the subject of dark colors absorbing light; if your garage door is painted a dark color repaint it white or some other exceptionally light color so that it reflects sunlight and the heat that comes with it.
  • Installing a vent near the top of the exterior wall - Giving hot air a way to escape the garage environment will go a long way toward keeping things cooler inside. Since heat rises make sure you install the exhaust vent near the top of an exterior wall. When things heat up in the garage flip on the exhaust fan and feel the space cool down.
  • Adding a fan - This is one of the simplest things you can do to cool down a hot garage. Just bring a fan into the space and turn it on to get the air circulating. Circulating air always feels cooler than stagnant air, even if the mercury doesn’t indicate any difference.
  • Adding an air conditioner - If you’ve gone to the trouble of insulating the walls of your garage as well as the door why not introduce a small air conditioning unit to the space? This can be especially useful if you want to turn your garage into an active workshop. It won’t cost much and it will bring the garage into the fold of livable spaces.

Keep in mind as well that by insulating your garage and making other changes that make the garage environment more agreeable you will also increase the value of your home. Exactly how much of a value boost you can expect will depend on the extent of your upgrades. But a cooler, more finished garage is worth more than an unfinished sweat box.

If you have questions about ways to keep your garage cooler this summer or are in need of garage door service or repair in Boulder, CO and vicinity call the pros at A Better Garage Door today. They’ll help you determine exactly which modifications would be best for your garage and can also suggest insulated garage doors that can significantly reduce your energy expenditures.