Selling your home is always a nerve-wracking experience and one fraught with uncertainty. But if there’s one thing home staging has taught us it’s that there’s no substitute for presenting a home in the best possible light. Real estate agents will readily attest to the fact that a home that’s been properly staged with stylish furniture, complementary artwork and new paint all around will sell faster and for a better price than a home that’s presented as-is. But why should this approach of presenting the home in the best possible light apply only to the interior? Below our garage door repair experts explain why sprucing up the garage door is just as important as painting the living room when it comes to selling your house.

Ideas to Improve Your Garage When Selling Your Home

From Cleaning to Garage Door Opener Repair: Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Buyers

The garage door is the largest single component of your home’s exterior. Nothing else really comes close. Not the front door or even the picture window. As such the garage door is going to impact the curb appeal of your home whether you like it or not. So if you are about to put your home on the market you need to take the garage door into consideration. Here are some things you can do to spruce up the garage door and why you should do them.

  • Fix the Garage Door - If there are any problems with the door the time to call the garage door repair company is before the potential buyers start to arrive. Why? Well, imagine this scenario: prospective buyers have just parked in front of the house with the real estate agent. They get out of the car, stop, and take a good long look at your house. They like what they see. Suddenly someone who doesn’t want to be home while buyers are touring the house tries to open the garage door to get out. The door shutters to life, rises unevenly because one of the extension springs is worn out or broken, squeaks and squeals its way to the open position and then noisily and unevenly lowers itself back into position with one side of the door not closing all the way. The prospective buyers then get back in the agent’s car and drive to the next house. Call for garage door repair in Loveland or Commerce City before entertaining prospective buyers.
  • Give the door a facelift - Sometimes the things that could cause a garage door to undermine your ability to sell your home are not mechanical but aesthetic. As the number 1 Broomfield garage door repair company we’ve seen this happen on numerous occasions. Folks put their home on the market only to become aware after the fact that the less than spectacular appearance of their garage door is damaging their sale prospects. Don’t wait until a potential buyer has been turned off. Wash the door top to bottom. Once it’s nice and clean inspect the panels. Are there any that are cracked, dented or warped? If so, replace them. Raise and lower the door a few times. If its squealing and creaking or anything seems amiss, call us. We’ll come straight over, do a thorough maintenance check and return the door to smooth, quiet operation. Finally, don’t hesitate to paint the entire door if it needs it.
  • Install a new garage door - This may sound like a drastic step but if your door is old and in need of repair replacing it before buyers start arriving is the smart thing to do. If you just clean up a rickety old door and hope no one notices you could be in hot water after the sale when the buyer discovers you left him or her with a faulty door. Also, chances are pretty good that any savvy buyer is going to ask to see the door in action anyway. At which time its sorry state of repair will be revealed. Don’t take a chance. Installing a new door isn’t as expensive as it seems and it could make the difference between losing a sale and achieving the sale price you’re after. At A Better Garage Door we have a full line of beautiful, affordable state of the art doors to choose from.


The garage door is the largest single moving thing in your home. It’s also the largest single component of the exterior of the house. It’s going to make a difference in how the house is perceived by would-be buyers either for better or worse. Don’t take a chance. If your door needs work call for garage door repair in Commerce City, CO before the potential buyers start arriving. We’ll make sure your garage door is looking good and running smooth as silk.