The modern garage door requires all the different components to work in precise harmony. As such if something goes wrong it becomes immediately obvious. If you’ve noticed that your garage door is suddenly hanging lower on one side it’s not something that should be ignored. A crooked garage door presents physical hazards to everyone in the house as well as practical hazards to the door itself. If the problem is not addressed in a timely fashion a door that closes with one side raised will waste energy, make your home a target for thieves and lay out the welcome mat for local animals. But what causes a garage door to hang crooked? Below we’ll take a look.

Garage Door Repair Advice: Crooked Garage Door

Common Garage Door Repair Problems: The Crooked Garage Door

The vast majority of the time the contemporary garage door does its job without ever calling attention to itself. They’re such reliable mechanisms that most of us take them for granted. But sometimes even the best garage door will start to hang lower on one side than the other. If it’s caught quickly it’s not a big deal. But if the problem is not addressed it could lead to significant issues down the road. The following are some of the most common reasons a garage door will start to hang crooked.

  • Broken or frozen roller - The rollers are those seldom seen components of the garage door that keep it affixed to the tracks and enable it to glide effortlessly up and down. But rollers are not indestructible and sometimes older rollers in particular will get gunked up inside causing the roller to become frozen. A roller that’s not rolling becomes a drag on one side of the door and can cause it to hang at an odd angle. Repairing or replacing the roller is a fairly simple job. But if the problem is left to fester it can result in damage to the track and stress on the opener.
  • Broken or worn out spring - While most folks assume the “opener” is what opens and closes the door the fact is a more accurate name for the opener would be “starter” or “regulator”, because that’s what it does. It gets the door started and then regulates the motion to ensure it’s nice and smooth. The actual lifting is done by the springs and if one of your extension springs is broken or just old and worn out one side of the door will hang lower than the other. If you need to have a spring replaced you need to call the garage door repair company. This is not something that’s open for debate. People have died working on garage door springs. If you suspect a problem with one of your springs call for garage door repair in Boulder CO.
  • Debris in the track - Sometimes the roller gets gunked up and starts dragging itself through the track causing the door to hang crooked. And sometimes the problem is with the track itself. If you leave the garage door open a lot wind-born dirt and debris can accumulate in the track over time until one day it begins to interfere with the ability of the door to raise and lower itself. If the blockage is on one side the door will hang crooked. In this case you may be able to clean the track yourself and not need to call for Commerce City garage door repair. Still, if you don’t have the time or inclination give us a call and we’ll send someone over to rectify the problem pronto.
  • Broken garage door cable - The cables are part of the lifting mechanism. Garage doors have a cable on each side that’s wound around a drum with one end attached to the door itself. Energy from the spring turns the drum which either winds or unwinds the cable, thereby lifting or lowering the door. If one of these cables is broken power from the spring can’t get to the door and the door hangs crooked. While replacing the cable itself is not necessarily a complex job, tweaking the alignment once the new cable is in place takes practice and patience. Therefore replacing a cable is best left to the pros who fix garage doors for a living.

When the garage door is acting up it’s not something that should be ignored. The garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and making sure it’s always in good working order is vital to the safety of everyone in the house. When you need garage door repair in Loveland, Boulder or Commerce City or garage door opener repair call the company more of your friends and neighbors trust than any other: A Better Garage Door. We’re fully licensed and insured and our 24 hour emergency service is the best in the business.