The springs are the unsung heroes of your overhead garage door. They do the heavy lifting while the “opener” essentially acts as a regulator - getting the door started and then making sure the upward or downward motion is nice and smooth. Garage door springs are incredibly rugged and durable but even the toughest will wear out and need to be replaced after years of regular use. If you need garage door springs in Northglenn or you need to have a spring or springs replaced the best course of action is to call A Better Garage Door. However, if you’d like to purchase the new spring yourself and then call us to install it that’s fine too. Below we’ll provide some pointers that should help you pick the right spring or springs.

How to Work Out What Size Garage Door Springs You Require

Selecting the Right Garage Door Springs for Broomfield or Commerce City Homes

Garage doors utilize one of two different types of spring and it’s crucial to purchase the right one for your door. Thankfully, determining which type of spring your door uses is easy. If the springs are attached to the wall directly over the door itself you have torsion springs. Some doors use one such spring, while most newer doors use two. If the springs are located above the tracks and run away from the door toward the opener you have extension springs. Now let’s look at how to choose the right torsion or extension spring.

  • Torsion Spring Wind Direction - Before you can order the right torsion spring you need to know which way it is wound. Look up at the springs from inside the garage. With most new garage doors there will be two torsion springs separated by a divider that’s located at the midpoint of the door. The spring to your right is a “left wound spring” and the spring to your left is the “right wound spring”. So if the spring to your left is broken you want to order a “right wound spring”. If you get the wrong spring you simply won’t be able to use it. So make sure you get this right.
  • Torsion Spring Wire Size - Determining the wire size is also a straightforward process. Simply measure how far it is between 10 coils of the spring to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. There are a number of wire size charts on the Internet you can then use to determine the actual wire size based on your measurement. If the spring is broken you should still be able to find 10 coils that are properly spaced and will yield an accurate measurement.
  • Torsion Spring Inside Diameter and Overall Length - In many cases the inside diameter of the torsion spring will be indicated on the stationary cone in between the two springs at the midpoint of the door. “1.75” means the inside diameter is 1 ¾ inches. “2” means the inside diameter is two inches etc. If you cannot find the size indication simply measure the inside diameter yourself. As for determining the overall length, just break out the tape measure and measure it from where the spring starts to where it ends. If the spring is broken just measure its companion spring which will be the same length.
  • Selecting the Right Extension Spring - While measuring torsion springs to make sure you get the right one is fairly easy getting the right extension spring is even easier. That’s because garage door extension springs have a stripe of color on them that indicates their size. So all you need to do is locate this color indicator and relay the color you’ve found (red, yellow, blue, orange etc) to the extension spring supplier. This will tell them what they need to know. In some cases the supplier may want to know the dimensions of the door itself along with the material it’s made from. This helps them determine its likely weight. So while you’re out in the garage looking for the color indicator on the spring measure the door itself from side to side and bottom to top.

Call for Garage Door Service in the Reunion Area or Broomfield

There’s nothing wrong with selecting and purchasing garage door springs yourself. But when it comes to actually installing them you should always default to calling A Better Garage Door service in the Reunion Area or Broomfield. This is because the garage door springs are the most dangerous part of the entire overhead door mechanism. Since they do the actual heavy lifting they need to store vast amounts of energy. If you’re working on one of these springs and accidentally trigger a release of this energy you could be very seriously injured or even killed. Don’t take the chance. Leave the handling and installation of garage door springs to the people who are trained to work with and around them.