Today’s garage doors are marvels of efficiency and convenience. They’re quiet, dependable, attractive and many are fully integrated into the Internet of things, which means you can open, close and monitor them from your smartphone when you’re on vacation halfway around the world. What they are not, however, is indestructible. Like even the most beautifully engineered car they’ll eventually reach the point where garage door repair just doesn’t make sense anymore. But how can you tell if you’ve reached the point of no return with your garage door? Below, we’ll go through some of the signs to look for that indicate it’s time to call the garage door repair company and order up a replacement.

Garage Door Repair

Should You Fix the Garage Door or Replace it?

Garage doors typically provide years of trouble free service yet they are complex mechanical devices and so it’s unrealistic to think they’ll never need servicing or repair. The big question is whether you should continue to repair your garage door or throw in the towel and have it replaced. Here are some things that indicate further repairs may be a waste of time and money.

  • It’s been severely damaged If the garage door has been struck while it was closed or fell victim to severe storm damage salvaging it may be a waste of time. Damage to multiple panels in addition to damage to the tracks, rollers and other hardware indicate that the cost of repairing the door may actually be greater and take longer than simply replacing it. Call your Loveland or Broomfield garage door repair company and ask for both repair and replacement estimates before making up your mind.
  • It’s breaking down repeatedly - If it seems like every couple of weeks you’re calling for garage door repair the law of diminishing returns has taken hold and it’s time to decide whether it will be cheaper in the long run to just replace the door. We’ll always be here to answer calls for help from our customers. But at the same time there comes a point when we have to suggest that, for safety’s sake and the sake of your wallet, it’s just better to have the door replaced.
  • It’s affecting the curb appeal of your home - The garage door is not only the largest moving thing on your house, it’s also the largest single component of the home’s exterior from a visual perspective. That means it has an enormous impact on how your home is perceived from the street (what’s commonly known as “curb appeal”). If your old garage door is in a ramshackle state it’s going to drag down the curb appeal of your home and, by extension, have a negative effect on the market value of your home.
  • It’s become a squeak-o-matic - When a garage door gets old connections loosen up, components wear down, springs get loose and rust sets in. The net effect of all this entropy is a door that squeaks, squeals, rattles and shakes as it rises and falls. In a horror movie such things might signal that the door is possessed by a malevolent spirit. However, in the real world these are signs that just about everything on the door is past its prime and that the door needs to be replaced before someone gets hurt.
  • The door is an energy sieve - Older doors in particular were not always insulated and when things start coming loose they become even more porous. While you may be accustomed to your garage being like a walk-in freezer during the winter it doesn’t mean it has to be that way. An insulated garage door with properly fitting components that closes tightly can raise the temperature in the garage by more than 10 degrees during the winter. And a warmer garage won’t suck as much heat out of adjoining rooms, which means lower energy bills.
  • The door is out of date - The Internet of things that we mentioned at the beginning of this piece is comprised of mechanical devices that can be remotely controlled via a smartphone, tablet or PC from virtually any place on earth. This includes refrigerators, security cameras, thermostats and yes, the garage door. Older garage doors don’t have this remote control capability. Before you start thinking that’s no big deal consider this: if you leave your old garage door open by mistake when you go a business trip and there is no one home to close it, what do you do? With a new garage door that won’t be a problem. You’ll simply connect to it from the airport in London or Tokyo and close it remotely. Also, you’ll be able to monitor who is coming and going from your house while you’re away. Which is important if you’ve got teenagers.
  • The warranties have expired - A new door will come with a full complement of warranties on all the various parts which means if anything breaks down or the panels rust through you won’t have to pay for garage door repair in Commerce City or Broomfield. It will all be covered.


If your garage door has become a recurring problem it’s time to consider replacing it with a brand new door from A Better Garage Door. We’re the company more people trust than any other for garage door repair in Commerce City, CO. For help with any issues related to your door, including garage door opener repair call A Better Garage Door.