Modern garage doors are remarkable devices that provide years of safe, dependable service if they are properly installed and well-maintained. The thing is, there are all kinds of self-proclaimed experts out there today who try and convince unsuspecting homeowners to hire them to install replacement garage doors or to conduct maintenance or repair work on existing doors. Don’t fall for it. When you need to have your garage door serviced or the time has come to replace the garage door don’t entrust the job to just any old handyman with a rusty tool box. Contact A Better Garage Door instead.

Garage door replacement for your family

Replacement Garage Doors are no Joke

Today’s garage doors incorporate old-school tech, high-tech motors and internet-based digital tech that allows them to be controlled from the other side of the planet. As such garage door replacement needs to be done right the first time. Here are 6 reasons why you should always call A Better Garage Door:

  1. Experience and Expertise - We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and in that time we’ve seen everything and done every conceivable type of installation, repair and maintenance work on every imaginable type of overhead garage door. We’re out there as you read this installing, maintaining and replacing garage doors all over the Denver Metropolitan area. Our garage door techs are the best and most experienced in the region and they constantly stay abreast of changes in the industry and upgrade their skillsets accordingly. There is no configuration you may require that we haven’t seen before and no type of overhead door we’re unfamiliar with.
  2. Local Knowledge - As we said we’ve been installing, repairing and maintaining garage doors in Metro Denver for more than 2 decades. We’re not only familiar with every type of replacement garage doors on the market, we also know which will hold up best in the unique and challenging environment of the Rocky Mountain State. Snow, ice, cold and howling wind can all affect the way a door operates and how long it will last. In order to be sure you’re getting the best door for your home you need a garage door installation company with extensive local knowledge. That’s us.
  3. Transparency - Any time you enlist the services of a company or individual to perform work around your home you’re taking a chance. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous contractors and pretend contractors out there who use deceptive business practices to sell you things you don’t need or who refuse to provide a written estimate and then load up your final bill with phantom charges. When you enlist the services of A Better Garage Door you’ll appreciate that every aspect of our dealings with you are completely honest and transparent. You’ll never be sold things you don’t need and we’ll never stray from our original estimate without explaining to you why we need to do so and clearing any additional charges with you first.
  4. Accountability - Accountability means the company working on your home is fully insured. It means they adhere to industry best practices. It means that they answer the phone when you call and that they guarantee the work they do. Too many contractors or wannabe contractors out there seem to lose your number as soon as they cash the check. Or they ask unsuspecting homeowners to fork over big up-front payments and then disappear. Or they install used parts and lie about them being under warranty. At A Better Garage Door we stand behind the work we do. We install only top-quality parts and we always answer the phone when you call 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, even long after we’ve finished your garage door replacement.
  5. Affordability - With some people you’d think they were installing solid gold replacement garage doors when you look at what they expect to get paid. We on the other hand believe in providing high-quality services at a fair price. And that’s our credo whether we’re installing a garage door in a new house, or a replacement door in an older home, or we’re called upon to provide emergency service in the middle of a cold, snowy night.
  6. Guaranteed Work - One of the things that separates the pros from the frauds is whether or not the work they do is guaranteed. When you enlist the services of A Better Garage Door to replace the garage door you can be sure all component parts of the door mechanism are under full manufacturer’s warranty and that all the work we do is fully guaranteed. It’s all part of our commitment to 100% complete customer satisfaction. Let’s not forget too that conducting a replacement yourself of having a friend or the local handyman do the work will likely result in the voiding of any and all manufacturer warranties.

The Bottom Line

When the time comes to look into garage door replacement it doesn’t pay to mess around with amateurs. You need to be sure that the work will be done right, that the price you’re quoted is reliable, that the company is fully insured against damage to your property or injury and that the parts being installed are all new and under full warranty. In other words, you need A Better Garage Door. We’re the most experienced and trusted garage door installation team in the region. Give us a call at (303) 920-2267 to find out more.