The garage door plays a huge role in the way your home looks, how energy efficient it is (or isn’t) and how secure it is (or isn’t). The front door is the most common way burglars enter a home, followed by the windows. But do you know what comes after that? That’s right. The garage door. Most people don’t think of their garage door as vulnerable. Until it’s too late. Don’t wait until it’s time for a new garage door installation to think about securing your garage door. Take the following 10 tips to heart to improve your garage door security.

Garage Door Install Safety

Garage Door Installers Share Their Top Security Tips

It’s in your interest to get actively involved in elevating the security profile of your garage door and here are the 10 best ways to do that.

  • Tip 1: Don’t leave the remote in your car - Make sure you don’t leave the garage door remote in your vehicle when you are out and about. Why? Because if you park your car on the street or in a garage while you’re out and someone breaks into it they could take the remote. And because chances are good there is something else in the car that indicates where you live - like the registration - the thief now has an address and a way to get in. Not good.
  • Tip 2: Never walk away and leave the garage door open - People tend to underestimate the determination of criminals. But many will go to extraordinary lengths to gain access to your home. If you leave the garage door open and walk around to the back of the house to work in the yard a thief could easily slip in. Once inside they hide until no one is home. Then they go in and take their time cleaning you out.
  • Tip 3: Cover any clear windows - Having windows in your garage door is a great way to let some light in. However, many people keep expensive power tools, bicycles and more in the garage. If you have clear windows on the garage door you provide thieves with a preview of what’s inside. So either cover the clear windows or replace them with tinted ones or solid panels.
  • Tip 4: Include the garage door on the security system - If you already have a security system that covers the windows and the front and back doors extend it to also cover the garage door. This includes security cameras as well. Thieves look for weak spots to gain access. If they see there is no security camera covering the garage door that’s where they’ll enter. Ask your garage door installation pros about adding the garage door to your home security system.
  • Tip 5: Leave a radio on - Thieves look for various signs someone is home when casing a house. For instance: are lights going on and off? They also listen for signs that someone might be home, like music coming from an open window or the sound of someone yelling while watching a sporting event on TV. Your home will be safer if you leave a radio on inside the garage when you go out. This way it sounds like someone might be working inside and the thief will move on.
  • Tip 6: Install motion sensors - Motion sensors are a great way to scare off weasels. If they somehow gain access to your garage they’ll be in for the shock of their life when they trip the motion sensors and the lights come on. You can sync an alarm to the sensors as well to really put the fear of the almighty into them. It’s more affordable than you think and very, very effective.
  • Tip 7: Zip tie the emergency release - Most homeowners aren’t even aware that there is an emergency release lever above the door. It’s intended to allow you to disengage the motor and raise the door manually if you need to. But thieves can access this lever from outside and gain entrance in about 10 seconds using a coat hanger. The solution? Put a zip tie around the lever. This will prevent thieves from being able to pull the lever and open the door.
  • Tip 8: Add exterior illumination - Thieves are as concerned with their own safety as you are with yours. As such they prefer a nice dark property. It allows them to creep around the outside looking for a way in without ever being seen from the street or by the neighbors. When you add exterior lighting to your home no one can approach it without being seen.
  • Tip 9: Replace any damaged panels - One of the easiest ways for a thief to gain entry to your garage is by way of a damaged garage door panel. Maybe there was a storm or accident that resulted in one of the panels of your door being damaged. If so, don’t wait. Get the experts from the garage door installation company over to fix the panel ASAP.
  • Tip 10: Replace your old garage door - There comes a time when every garage door needs to be replaced. If your door has reached the end of the line don’t wait. Call the garage door installers at A Better Garage Door. We’ll install a new, more secure garage door in no time and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing everyone in the house is safer and more secure.