There are a lot of positive things you can say about today’s overhead garage doors. They’re more stylish than ever, more energy efficient than ever, they incredibly dependable and they’re quieter than any garage doors that came before them. Except when they’re not. Unfortunately, garage doors sometimes and without much warning go from being quiet as a dormouse to sounding like one of those car crushers at the junkyard. When that happens we get the call for garage door service in Northglenn and typically encounter homeowners with only one question on their minds: Why is my garage door making so much noise? Below, we’ll get into some of the possible reasons

Noisey Garage Door

Read This Before Calling for Garage Door Service in Broomfield or Northglenn

No garage door is completely silent, but many of the newest doors come pretty close. As such it usually takes people back when their nice quiet door becomes a squeak and squeal factory. Just what are the reasons for such a transformation and is there anything you can do about it? Here are the most common reasons your door is making noise.

It’s Unbalanced

A garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and rides up and down on a pair of tracks. Because there are 2 tracks involved the weight must be distributed evenly between those tracks. On a perfectly balanced doors it is and the rollers glide up and down inside the tracks with little resistance.

But if the door becomes unbalanced one side begins to lag behind the other. When that happens the rollers become misaligned, start scraping along the inside of the track and the squeaking and squealing can become intense. The cure? Call A Better Garage Door for garage door service in Northglenn or Broomfield. We’ll rebalance the door and shut down the noise factory.

Rusty Springs

The springs do all the heavy lifting on the garage door. The opener just gets things going. Because the springs play such a vital role in lifting the door it’s essential that they are inspected and lubricated regularly. If the springs are neglected and years pass they’re going to get rusty. And one day you’re going to notice that your garage door is not the nice quiet appliance it used to be. When it comes to garage door springs on Broomfield homes, however, squeaking is just the start of the troubles.

If your springs take to squeaking because they haven’t been lubricated in years you can bet that at some point in the near future that squeaky spring is going to snap. And you don’t want to be anywhere near it when that happens. Take our word on that. Keep in mind too that even if you’ve been scrupulous with your maintenance, springs eventually wear out. And when they do they get cranky and noisy. We can’t stress strongly enough however, that if you’re experiencing problems with your garage door springs do not attempt to repair them yourself. Homeowners have died trying to do so. Call for professional repair of garage door springs in Northglenn or Broomfield

Dirty Tracks and Jammed Rollers

We mentioned the rollers earlier when discussing the importance of balancing the door. But an unbalanced door is not the only reason rollers can become noisy. Rollers make their living moving up and down inside the tracks that guide the door. If the tracks haven’t been cleaned in a while they’re going to become clogged with dirt and debris from outside.

At some point all this junk in the track is going to interfere with the ability of the roller to, well, roll. And what you’re going to hear is a nasty grinding sound as the roller is pulled through the gunk. Dirt from the track can work its way inside the roller as well, interfering with the ball bearings and causing the roller to jam. When that happens the jammed roller is pulled along the track rather than rolling along the track. And the result is a squeaky symphony

Problems with the Opener

While the most obvious culprits when it comes to generating noise are the tracks, rollers and springs there are other potential sources of noise as well. Chief among them is the opener itself. The opener may seem like a fairly unassuming device (and it is), but in order to deliver the energy it produces to the task of moving the door it needs a vehicle. And that vehicle is either a chain, screw or belt drive.

Any one of these can wind up generating noise if it is not properly maintained. The screw drive can begin to grind against the rack causing a scraping sound. The belt can come loose and create the same kind of high pitched squealing you hear on a car with a loose belt. And the chain can get rusty and cranky and generate all kinds of unpleasant sounds that will have you calling for garage door service in Broomfield.

Call A Better Garage Door

If your garage door sounds more like feedback through a loudspeaker than the wind gently whispering through the trees any one of the above reasons could be to blame. The good news is that in most cases noisy doors don’t have to be replaced. A little bit of expert TLC from the #1 garage door service in Broomfield and Northglenn and it will be back to its normal, quiet self in no time. Call A Better Garage Door at (303) 920-2267 to learn more.