Before and After Garage Door Replacement

Chances are you chose the wallpaper in your kitchen and the furniture in your living room and the flowers in the flower beds. But did you choose the garage door on your home? Or did it come with the house when you bought it? The garage door is the single biggest component of the exterior of your home. As such it plays an important role in how your house is perceived; its “curb appeal”. You wouldn’t let someone else tell you what to wear when you go out. Why would you let someone else determine what your house looks like? Below we’ll look at 8 reasons to consider garage door replacement in 2019.

8 Reasons Why it’s Time to Replace the Garage Door

Most folks perceive the garage door as a big, clumsy necessity. And if we’re being honest there may be some truth in that. But more importantly, it’s also a key component of your home’s design and plays a huge role in home security, safety and energy efficiency as well. If you have an old door here are 8 strong reasons you should consider replacing your garage door.

  1. Enhanced curb appeal - We touched on this at the beginning because it’s absolutely true. Chances are the garage door that you have now came with the house and was installed by a previous owner whose primary concern was saving money. Now that the house is yours it’s time to put your own stamp on it by replacing the boring, utilitarian door you have with something more “you” that will ramp up the visual appeal of the entire house.
  2. Enhanced home value - A home that looks better is worth more. It’s not complicated. Replacement garage doors enhance curb appeal and in the process also enhance the market value of a home. This will come in handy if you ever want to borrow against the value of the house. And, of course, if you should decide to sell it and move on.
  3. Enhanced security - Your old garage door is not only dragging down the look of your home, it’s also making it less safe. Garage door panels come loose over time and are an invitation to a determined thief. So too is a door that doesn’t close all the way or has clear window panels on it or is lacking a proper locking mechanism. When you replace the garage door you raise the security profile of the entire house.
  4. Greater energy efficiency - An old garage door with little or no insulation and loose panels is an energy sieve. It turns the garage into an icebox that pulls heat out of adjoining rooms and sends it off into space. Replacement garage doors that are properly insulated will stop the madness and result in lower home heating bills in the winter and lower air conditioning bills in the summer.
  5. More useable space - Once you replace the garage door and your garage becomes warmer, drier and safer you have more options about what you can do with the space. Previously the cold, dank, unsecure garage wasn’t good for much except parking the car. Now you can make yourself a garage workshop, store things in the garage with confidence or even transform the garage into the ultimate home gym or man cave.
  6. Less garage door maintenance - Just like anything else when a garage door gets older it starts to need more and more maintenance. The opener breaks down, springs snap, rollers freeze and have to be replaced, the tracks need to be replaced and on and on. There comes a time when the law of diminishing returns takes over and you’re just better off choosing to replace your garage door over ever more maintenance and repair visits from the garage door company. You’re new garage door will free you of the grind of having to call for help and allow you to enjoy trouble free access to the garage for maybe the first time in years.
  7. A healthier car - Cars are made of pretty tough stuff but even they are not immune to the effects of extreme weather. When it’s cold enough for ice to form in the garage that’s tough on the wiring, tires and battery. Not to mention the leather or vinyl upholstery, oil and transmission fluid and window cleaning fluid. When you replace the garage door it can have the effect of raising the temperature inside the garage by 10 degrees or more on winter days. This may not seem like much but it’s enough to add months and years to the life of your car.
  8. Lower insurance premiums - A number of things are taken into consideration when the insurance company is determining your monthly premium. Including the age and condition of your garage door. Garage door replacement can result in savings on your homeowners insurance because the new door will be more secure than the old door and will be unlikely to fail and hurt someone.


Garage door replacement is an affordable way to enhance the appearance, value and security of your home. Replacing your old garage door with a new one will open up the garage to never before explored possibilities, save on your monthly energy bills, eliminate all the time you currently spend waiting for the garage door repair technician to arrive and perhaps even result in lower insurance costs. So what are you waiting for? Call A Better Garage Door today to discuss garage door replacement options.