Garage Door Installation

The prospect of a new garage door installation is an exciting one. Since the garage door is the largest single element on the exterior of your home, the new door is going to have a huge influence on the way your house looks; it's "curb appeal," as the realtors say. Beyond that, today's garage doors are models of efficiency and quiet. So you're bound to notice a marked difference in the operation of the door. It should run smoother, faster, and with only a fraction of the noise generated by the door it's replacing. All that said, a new door doesn't install itself. And the garage door installers are going to need a bit of help from you, the homeowner, if the process is to go smoothly. Here are some of the ways to prepare for a new garage door installation.

Follow These Tips to Ensure a Hassle-Free Garage Door Installation

The garage door installation company will have their hands full making sure your new garage door is installed properly. But expecting them to do a bang-up job if you don’t lay the groundwork is unrealistic. No one expects the homeowner to do all the heavy lifting, but there are some things only they can do that will make the entire installation process go faster and smoother. So, before the installation team arrives, make sure you…

  • Remove all vehicles from the garage - The installers will need clear and unfettered access to the entire garage. Especially that part of the garage under the opener, tracks and springs where your car is usually parked. Let’s be clear: the installation cannot proceed until the car or cars are removed from the garage. So it just makes things that much easier if you pull any vehicles out of the garage before the installers arrive. Otherwise, they'll have to wait around for the cars to be moved. And that could wind up costing you extra money. Also, make sure you move any vehicles away from the garage door opening. As the installation company will need to park there and have free access in and out of the garage.
  • Clean the work area - This doesn’t mean you have to make the entire garage pass the white glove test. But once the car or cars are removed, the area on both sides of the door should be cleared of any junk, stored items, bicycles, tricycles, toys, garden hoses or anything else that could interfere with the installation. The area around where the car usually sits should also be cleared because the installation team is going to need unimpeded access to that area to hang the door, install the opener and more. Also, anything of real value should be removed from the garage for two reasons. First, to prevent it from being damaged during the installation process and second, because the garage door is going to be open to the outdoors during the entire installation process.
  • Determine where the opener will go - If this is the first automatic garage door that’s been installed on your home, you'll need to select a spot for the opener. This should be determined before the garage door installation company arrives. Otherwise, it's going to slow down the installation process as you and the installers discuss possible locations. Determining the right location for the opener isn’t rocket science. You just need to keep a few things in mind. You need to make sure the opener is positioned close to an outlet. Or that you choose a location that can be reached easily by an extension cord. And if there is anything obstructing access to that outlet, you'll want to move it before the installers arrive. That includes any shelving that might be in front of the outlet.
  • Choose a location for any wall consoles - If you want to have keyless entry on your new garage door, you'll need to make sure you have somewhere to put the keyless entry pad. Most people opt to have it right next to the door that leads into the house. But it's up to you. Wherever you decide to have it installed, that part of the wall will need to be clear of any other items and the area around that section of the wall will need to be clean and clear so the installer can perform their job unimpeded.
  • Make sure the garage is secured - In this case “secured” means to make sure neither children nor pets will be anywhere near the garage while the garage door installation is in progress. Keeping the kids out of harm’s way is paramount. The door can weigh hundreds of pounds, and the various components are each heavy, sharp, and potentially dangerous until they're all properly assembled. Pets are another important consideration. Too often, installers have to suspend work because a pet or pets are walking around underfoot during the installation. It's imperative for the safety of all concerned that children and pets be kept at a safe distance until the installation is complete.

The Bottom Line

A new garage door installation is a chance to upgrade both the look and overall functionality of your home. And the garage door installers from A Better Garage Door will see to it that your installation comes off without a hitch. But you'll need to lend a hand. Make sure you've removed your vehicles and prepared the work area, as laid out above. That way, everyone is sure to be happy at the end of the process.