Frequently Asked Questions

We at A Better Garage Door get lots of questions regarding garage door replacement, the process, the cost, the benefits and a lot more. It’s understandable. The garage door is the largest single component of a home’s exterior. So it has a big impact on the way a house looks. It’s also the single largest moving part of the house. And it’s actually become the most popular entry portal for most non-urban homes in America. So it’s an important part of everyday life. In this post we’re going to go through the most frequently asked questions we encounter on a daily basis about replacement garage doors.

Garage Door Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing the garage door is an important step that will impact the safety, convenience, appearance and yes, the value of a house for years to come. As such you need to be well-informed before taking the replacement plunge. These FAQs should help provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding garage door replacement for your home.

QUESTION: Can I Install the Garage Door Myself?

ANSWER: DIY garage door replacement is not advised for a number of good reasons. First of all, it’s dangerous. People have died working around garage door springs. It takes a highly-trained professional to know how to handle them properly. Second, garage doors typically weigh several hundred pounds. Make a mistake and it could lead to a catastrophic accident. Also, installing the door yourself will likely void the warranty.

QUESTION: Will I Be Able to Operate My New Garage Door From My Smartphone?

ANSWER: We get this question a lot lately. People are eager to take advantage of new technologies that allow for the remote operation of all types of household appliances. In this case the answer is “Yes”. You can choose to have hardware installed that will allow you to operate the new garage door by way of a smartphone app from anywhere in the world you can find an internet signal.

QUESTION: When Should I Replace My Garage Door?

ANSWER: If your door is more than 10 years old you should consider replacing it. If your door is requiring frequent visits from the repairman you should definitely replace it. If the door has been seriously damaged by a storm or an accident it probably makes more financial sense to simply replace it instead of trying to fix it. And if your home has been broken into via the garage door you should definitely replace it in order to fend off being victimized again.

QUESTION: How Much Will a New Garage Door Cost?

ANSWER: There are so many variables that go into pricing a garage door that providing one single answer to this question is impossible. The width of the door, the material, whether it’s insulated or not, the type of opener mechanism and more will all effect the price. That said, $1,000 to $2,000 could be considered a ballpark figure for an average single-width garage door (installed). Just bear in mind as we said that any of the above listed variables could affect that price.

QUESTION: Do Modern Garage Doors Require a Lot of Maintenance?

ANSWER: Today’s garage doors are more dependable than ever before. They’re also quieter, run smoother and often require fewer repairs over the course of their life than garage doors from just a generation ago. We recommend you schedule a twice-yearly checkup of your door just to be sure everything is properly lubricated and operating at peak efficiency.

QUESTION: If I Have a Problem Can I Fix It Myself?

ANSWER: Just as installing replacement garage doors yourself will likely void the warranty so will fixing the door yourself, or having the local handyman do it. In addition, a garage door repair professional will provide a warranty on any parts installed and will guarantee the work they did for a period of time. You won’t get that if you fix it yourself or rely on a handyman.

QUESTION: How do I Get Rid of My Old Garage Door?

ANSWER: One of the many advantages of having the pros from A Better Garage Door install your replacement garage doors is that they will dispose of the old garage door and its parts for you. We do this virtually every day and have rigid protocols in place regarding the proper disposal of garage door waste materials.

QUESTION: Will I Be Able to Paint My Garage Door Later If I Want to?

ANSWER: Virtually any replacement garage door material can be painted at a later date if you wish. Wood, steel, fiberglass and other materials will all accept a coat of paint. If you decide to paint your door the most important things are that the surface is properly prepared and that you are using the right type of paint for the material.

QUESTION: Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Storm Damage to My Door?

ANSWER: That depends entirely on the details of your insurance policy. Some will. Others will not. In all honesty it may cost more to add such coverage to your homeowner’s policy than it would take to repair any storm damage. But it’s obviously your call. Talk to your insurance agent.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found these garage door replacement FAQs useful. If you have any questions about replacement garage doors that you didn’t see covered here give the pros at A Better Garage Door a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about replacement garage doors.