Former Garage Converted to Living Room

If you have decided that you would like to convert your garage into an extra living area for your family, you have probably also considered replacing the existing door with something that is more visually appealing. While some homeowners opt to install sliding glass doors or wooden doors on hinges when they convert their garages, we recommend sticking with a conventional up-and-over garage door but choosing one that won’t look out of place in your newly-converted garage. We suggest choosing a conventional garage door because it means you will not have to spend any money altering the existing door frame and also because if you wish to move in the future, prospective buyers can easily convert the garage back to its original purpose.

As we offer a first-class garage door service in Broomfield and across the city of Denver, you are of course always welcome to call and ask for advice on what type of door to choose for your garage conversion project but in the meantime, we invite you to check out our tips below.

Top Tips for Converted Garage Doors

When you are choosing a new door, be sure to take all of the following factors into account:

  • Natural Light – For garages that are used to store cars, we normally recommend doors with no windows, or with small windows located at the top of the door, for security reasons. However, if you are converting your garage into a games room, an extra living room or perhaps a spare bedroom, you will want a door that allows plenty of natural light into the space. For this reason, we suggest focusing on models that feature windows right across the top portion, allowing as much sunlight into your converted space as possible. We still recommend sticking with conventional garage doors that only have windows at the top, to ensure your home remains secure, but if you would like to install a door with more windows, a custom-made door could be your best choice. As part of our garage door service in Northglenn and the surrounding area, we supply and install all types of custom doors for garages in residential and commercial properties.
  • Insulation – Good-quality insulation is important for any garage door but especially for doors that are to be fitted in a converted garage. To make sure your new living space is not too expensive to heat in the winter and is easy to keep cool in the summer, we recommend choosing a door that features industry-leading insulation. While it is possible to add insulation to the inside of most types of garage doors, you will find that doors with insulation already sandwiched in between exterior and interior layers are much more efficient. Good-quality insulation will also help to reduce noise issues: either too much noise escaping the space and annoying your neighbors or noise from outside disturbing you and your family.
  • Aesthetics – As mentioned above, one of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace their garage door when they convert the space into a living area is because it no longer looks right: a plain steel door that would look at home in an industrial setting is not what you want to see when you are looking at your new home entertainment room or your children’s new play area! We can help you to choose a beautiful carriage house door for your conversion or something in a more modern style if you prefer. Our garage door service in Broomfield is available to residents across the city of Denver and all the nearby suburbs so do not hesitate to call if you need our help.
  • Security – To make sure you do not compromise the security of your home when you convert your garage into an extra living area, we recommend installing a door that is made from strong, durable material, such as layered steel or wood composite. If you want a door with windows in it, which we think you will, make sure the panes of glass are also durable and not easy to break. A well-made composite garage door is a good choice for eco-friendly families and if you make sure you choose one that is designed to withstand strong forces, you will not compromise the security of your property when you install it.
  • Cost – You will probably have a budget in mind for your garage conversion and your new door will have to come out of this budget too. As a company that prides itself on offering superb value for money with all the services we provide, we can supply you with an inexpensive door that meets all of your needs. From doors and door openers, to spare parts such as rollers and garage door springs in Broomfield, we can supply everything you need at prices you will appreciate. You can find out roughly how much different types of doors are likely to cost by browsing our website or by calling us any time during business hours to request an estimate.

We hope this guide makes it a little easier for you to choose the perfect door for your garage conversion but if you need any more help, drop us a line whenever convenient. As we mentioned, we supply everything from brand new doors to replacement garage door springs in Northglenn and the surrounding area, making us the best company to call when you are converting your garage and need help with the door.