Locked padlock securing door of shed

Your garage door is a prime access point to your home. That’s why it’s critical to keep the door, mechanical components, and opener working as expected – to keep intruders out, and protect the sanctity of your home, personal property, and loved ones. Garage door repair is critical and mustn’t be ignored if the need arises. But how reliable is your garage door protection even when the door is closed and secured? Can someone still possibly break-in? Sadly, there are still a few strategies burglars may try to circumvent your garage door protection in the greater Denver metro area, Parker, or other Colorado locations.

Are Garage Doors Easy to Break Into?

Parker garage door repair specialists can offer many tips to improve garage security, but a pent-up desire to break into your residence makes 100 percent security an improbability. Your garage door can be fairly easy to break into, especially for a skilled, minimally tech-savvy burglar determined to get into your residence when you’re not home. In many cases, a garage is burglarized thanks to fortuitous opportunity. If you’re in a hurry, you may have left a side entry door to the garage unlocked. If your garage door opener and manual release aren’t working, it’s easy-peasy to get inside. And in some cases, our garage door repair team has heard of homeowners in rural areas with few neighbors around to keep casual watch for them, and simply left the garage door wide open as they departed for a weeklong vacation.

Here are some garage door security options to keep in mind.

Keep the Lights On

Burglars thrive in darkness, and often rely on the shadows around your garage perimeter to mask their dubious attempts to get into your residence. Motion-activated floodlights are a good option, and they’ll make thieves think twice about trying a nighttime break-in. As longtime Broomfield, CO garage door repair professionals, we know what we’re talking about.

Ensure a Clear Sight Line

More audacious burglars think nothing prowling around your property in broad daylight, but still prefer cover provided by a not-so-well-placed shrub or tree by your garage door or window. Nothing should block a view of the overhead or side door, allowing neighbors and passersby a clear view of your garage. If you’re determined to plant something near a side door or window, a tiny thorny is a strong deterrent.

Keep the Remote in a Safe Location

Many homeowners have the bad habit of leaving their garage door opener in their parked vehicle in clear view of the windshield or door windows. Don’t do that, please. Lock your vehicle, and just store the remote in the glove box, center console, or tucked safely under the driver or passenger seat. A stolen garage door remote is an easy way for a burglar to access your residence.

If You Have Garage Windows, Make Sure the Glass Is Frosted

Decorative garage door windows are a nice-to-have, but if you insist on getting them installed, make sure to choose frosted glass. You can also purchase decorative or patterned window film at your local craft store.

Embrace the Power of Smart Devices

Today’s newest smart garage door openers and accessories are a great way to protect your home. There are several models compatible with even older garage doors that can add a layer of security to deter determined thieves from getting into your home. Many of these devices allow for remote monitoring to check the status of your garage door, notifying you when it’s open, closed, or even partially in a down position. If your existing device isn’t working, garage door opener repair is always an option.

Another option is an exterior security camera. Unobtrusive and often battery-powered, these smart devices can relay live video, still images, and even activate an alarm if they detect something near your garage. Many smart cameras offer two-way communication, giving you the ability to verbally scare off a burglar once you've been made aware via text or push notifications. Most smart garage door openers and security cameras offer smartphone apps for easy installation.

Lock the Overhead Door from the Inside Before You Leave

If you're leaving and in a hurry, you could just unplug the garage door opener from its power source. We also recommend you consider physically locking the door from the inside by using a padlock or combination lock. Even a lower-end model will do the trick and make a burglar’s job more difficult and time-consuming – two reasons he’ll give up in no time.

Don’t Advertise

For whatever reason, many homeowners we’ve worked with have fallen victim to the “Look at our stuff!’ syndrome. In other words, if you keep an uber-expensive car or motorcycle in your garage, don’t advertise it by keeping the door open all the time. Simply close the overhead or side doors when not in use. Experienced burglars do periodic walk-throughs of expensive or well-to-do neighborhoods for this very reason – to see what high-value “toys” people have and how to get access to them.

Work With a Trusted Professional

The team at A Better Garage Door have served hundreds of residential and business customers in and around the Greater Denver area for more than 25 years. We’re a locally owned and operated business, committed to providing quality products and services you can afford. The best garage door not only protects your home but makes a good first impression on visitors or passersby. If you need Parker garage door repair tips, or need advice on a new door or accessories, contact us at 303-920-2267 to request more information or for a free estimate on custom installations, broken spring repair, opener replacements and all other essential garage door repair services.