Overhead door installation professional installing new garage door with insulation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your garage more often, especially in the colder months? One way to make that happen is to regulate the temperature inside the garage. As such, you should insulate the walls, ceiling, and your garage door. There are many ways to insulate your garage to boost energy efficiency and get more use out of the space, including garage door installation services.

The space inside your garage may be an afterthought, but having it sufficiently insulated protects your cars, tools, and personal belongings against the elements and temperature-driven damage. An insulated garage has an added benefit – preventing heat loss that could result in higher utility bills.


If your garage is otherwise insulated but you’re contending with a drafty garage door, it’s time to consider an upgrade that offers comfort all year round. A sufficiently insulated garage door will normalize the temperature inside the garage and keep extreme heat and cold outside where it belongs, just as insulation does with the rest of your home.

If you live somewhere with extreme weather, your garage door should be insulated accordingly. Fortunately, manufacturers have an ‘R-value’ rating system to inform consumers how much insulation their doors offer. Call a garage door insulation specialist for more information.


Because your garage door is the biggest entryway into your home, it's a primary means for hot or cold air to get into your home. A well-insulated door will not only help regulate the temperature inside your garage, but throughout your residence, too. Continue reading to answer the question: Is an insulated garage door worth it?

Insulated garage doors can help save money on utility bills

When looking for an insulated garage door, it’s important to choose one with a high R-value. The R-value is critical to the efficiency of insulation in preventing heat flow opposite of conductance. For this reason, we recommend that you look for a garage door insulated with polyurethane, which can reduce air leakage by more than 80 percent and may lower energy use by 40 percent, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

R-values include the following:

  • R-8, reducing heat flow by 90 percent.
  • R-12, reducing heat flow by 93 percent.
  • R-16, reducing heat flow by 95 percent.
  • R-20, reducing heat flow by 96 percent.
  • R-32, reducing heat flow by 97 percent.

Obviously, the higher the R-Value the better, but these doors are more expensive. Always make sure you work with a Broomfield garage door insulation company that will help you choose a door that fits your needs and money constraints.

Insulated garage doors are stronger than non-insulated doors

Broomfield-area insulated garage doors for commercial and residential installation are built differently from single-layer garage doors, making them stronger. This is critical, especially when your garage door needs to withstand cars, kids, and equipment, and other stressors affecting its lifespan.

Many of today’s insulated doors are constructed with an aluminum or steel frame. The frame is packed with solid-core insulation, which is then compressed between single or dual steel layers. This style of construction makes for a lightweight, energy-efficient door that’s less prone to dents and damage than older, uninsulated doors.

Buy an insulated garage door for less noise

Another benefit of an insulated garage door is the quiet factor compared to an uninsulated garage door. Although noise dampening isn’t highly promoted, it’s an added advantage of garage door insulation.

If you have an older garage door, you know that it tends to produce some noise, often caused by the track mechanism. Loose chains within the track can make a loud, jerking noise. And worn-down rollers only make it worse, adding grumbles and squeaking sounds. Poorly lubricated springs and hinges are another common noise contributor. Because each of these plays a role in how noisy your garage door is, they should be checked throughout the year and lubricated as necessary.

But noise can also be a byproduct of lightweight, single-panel garage doors without insulation, which can vibrate during heavy winds and create temporary but annoying noises.

An insulated garage door can help protect valuable belongings

If you live in an area with freezing temperatures in the colder months, an insulated garage door will help protect automobiles and other mechanically powered devices, electronics, and other items which could be damaged with direct exposure to freezing temperatures. An insulated garage door may also make it easier to use a standard refrigerator in the winter, especially in the colder months with temperatures at or below freezing.

An insulated garage door allows you to use your garage more often

If the temperature in your garage is regulated thanks to an insulated garage door, making it more comfortable to spend time in it, then you can use that extra space more effectively in colder months. For instance, home improvement projects may be easier to complete if you have warmer space in which to cut wood and assemble or refinish furniture.


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