Garage renovated into office space with partially open glass garage door

Most homeowners don’t use their garage space to even 50% of its potential. Some don’t even keep their car in it! This makes it one of the most underutilized spaces in the whole home. But what else can you really do with a garage other than store a load of junk that’s destined never to be used again or have it act as a place your car calls home?

Well, quite a lot actually. Most of the homes we go to do garage door repair and installation work in either Parker or Broomfield use their garage space in the conventional way. But through our work, we've come across a good number of folks using their garages for alternative purposes. We're going to run through 5 ideas that might start those cogs turning.

What Else Can You Use a Garage For?

We’re not going to include your standard suggestions here, like using it as a workshop, as that’s really quite common anyway. Our list contains suggestions that utilize the space for completely different uses that you may never have thought about before.

ONE: Your Very Own Home Gym

If you struggle to make the most of your gym membership because you just don’t have the time it takes to drive there, work out, and then drive back, a home gym is a great solution to this problem. “But where am I going to put it – inside the house is bursting at the seams?” Is the typical response.

The garage could be the perfect solution. A single garage offers adequate space to house a variety of gym equipment so you can get the full workout experience in your own home. From cardio machines to weights, they'll all fit in the garage. Why neglect your health when you have the space to fit a quick workout into your busy schedule?

TWO: Extra Office Space

The number of people creating home offices has absolutely exploded in the past few years, for obvious reasons, but most people overlook the garage as an option for this. Garden offices are very trendy, and the standard option of converting a spare room is the most common route. But what if neither of those are options for you?

Garages can work well for office spaces with a few modifications made. The fact that they’re separate from the home does provide that boundary between work life and home life that is oh so difficult to maintain when your office is located within the house itself.

And if you’re worried about the lighting, we have the perfect solution. We can assist you with a new garage door installation that will have natural light flooding in through beautifully designed windows, creating the perfect environment for productive work.

THREE: An Arts and Crafts Room

It’s very healthy to have hobbies and be creative, and arts and crafts is something that ticks both of those boxes. The only problem with it is that it can be quite messy. You don’t really want to be spilling paints and other materials that could potentially cause nasty stains on your carpets. That’s why the garage is the perfect place to create your very own arts and crafts corner. Whether you want to paint, do some pottery or create some handmade home décor items, there’s ample room to store everything you need. Not only that, but the separation from the house will also provide you with the peace and quiet you most likely crave.

FOUR: Family Games Room

If you always wished your house had a basement so you could have a games room, you no longer need to think that way. You can put together the perfect space in your garage instead. If you have a double garage, you've got enough space to have a selection of games, as well as a bar/chill area. But even with a single garage, there's ample room for a ping pong or pool table, and an assortment of other smaller games.

Games rooms are great for family bonding, and they’re also great spaces for entertaining friends and extended family.

FIVE: Music Room

If you or a family member plays an instrument, you might have found that it can be a hobby that is quite divisive. There’s one reason why; the noise. While you might love jamming with friends on the guitar, hammering the drums after a hard day at work, or trying to perfect your saxophone skills, that doesn't mean that the rest of the household wants to listen to you all night too (as sad as that is).

Your garage might just be the perfect solution. It has power, is separate from the house and if you have it soundproofed, won’t annoy the neighbors either!

A Parker Overhead Door Company You Can Trust

Although we’re primarily a garage door company, at heart we’re garage fanatics and take great interest in the space as a whole and helping it to serve the homeowner to its fullest potential. From garage floor surfaces to lighting and storage options, we’d be more than happy to share what we know. And if you have an idea that may require a new garage door installation, we can work with you to tailor a custom garage door that helps bring your vision to reality.

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