White sedan backing into residential driveway at night

Backing into the garage door is a common misstep but the resulting damage is not something the average homeowner can fix on their own. The frame of the door is often bent, panels may be cracked or broken and there may be damage to the tracks, rollers and other door components. Not addressing this damage quickly will leave the home open to potential intruders, and skew heating or air conditioning bills. Fortunately, A Better Garage Door is here to provide timely, expert garage door repair that will have your home back to normal in no time.

Overhead Door Repair in Broomfield

A damaged garage door is not just unsightly, it's a security risk and it will cause your heating or air conditioning bills to spike. The best and fastest way to fix the door is to call our garage door service professionals. We’ll send one of our expert teams out to your home and have the door back in perfect form before the neighbors, or anyone else, notices.

Before calling us, however, it’s a good idea to go out to the door with a camera and take pictures of the damage. Just be aware that the door may be in a fragile state and or have hidden damage that will undermine its integrity. Therefore, try to resist touching the door so that you don’t inadvertently cause it to collapse or cause some parts or pieces to fall onto you.

Take pictures of both the exterior and interior of the door. Make sure you get both wide-angle shots and close-ups of the worst affected areas. These photos will not only help our technicians determine what steps will need to be taken to effect repairs, they may also be important for insurance purposes if your car has been damaged and you plan to make a claim.

The Next Step

Once you have the photos you need, call our Broomfield garage door repair team and let us know what happened. If you can, it will be helpful at this point if you could email the photos to us at “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”. This will enable us to assess the damage so that we arrive on the scene and get straight to work on the door.

Will A Damaged Door Need To Be Replaced?

Every case is different so there is no yes or no answer to this question. It will depend entirely on the extent of the damage. Perhaps just a few tweaks to the frame and a couple of new panels are all that’s necessary. Or if the strike was light enough it may have just thrown the balance of the door off a bit. Then again, if there is extensive damage to the framework, panels, windows, tracks and more the best, safest choice may be to replace the door entirely.

Another thing to consider is the age of the door. If the door is 5 - 10 years old (or older) the best approach may well be to simply replace it. This is especially true if there is damage to several panels and the framework. In that case, the cost of fixing it may be more than the door is worth.

That said, even if it seems any damage is limited you should not just assume the door is okay and let it be. The right thing to do is give us a call and request that one of our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the door.

Can I Repair The Door Myself?

The DIY impulse often comes into play in cases like this. If you or someone in your household is adept with tools and has a knack for being able to fix things you or they may decide that calling for garage door repair may be a waste of time and money. We would encourage you to resist trying to fix the door yourself, and we'll give you a couple of examples of why we say that.

Let’s say after hitting it you have a stuck garage door. There may be any one of numerous reasons why the door is stuck. It may be a garage door opener malfunction. It may be that the tracks are bent or a roller is damaged and this is preventing the door from moving up or down. Or, if the door strike was significant, there may be broken garage door springs involved.

Working on the tracks or trying to jar loose a stuck or damaged roller when the door is open is fraught with danger. One false move and the door could come crashing down. Also, untrained individuals should never attempt to work on garage door springs as most garage door fatalities are spring-related.

Likewise, it may be that the only visible damage is that the door is now hanging crooked, and that may seem like something that’s easy to fix. It’s not. There are numerous reasons why a door may be hanging crooked and all of them require a thorough inspection of the door to diagnose properly. Simply trying to institute a tweak to the cables or springs to try and fix the problem may wind up doing more harm than good.

Call Our Garage Door Repair Team

If you have backed into your door, make the smart choice and call us. We have many years of experience installing, maintaining and providing garage door repairs in Parker. We'll get yours back on track quickly, correctly, and affordably. Call us now at (303) 920-2267.