Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on repairs; whether it’s on the car, the plumbing, the pool or the garage door. If something goes wrong with your automatic overhead garage door the temptation is strong to just let it slide, especially if you can still find a way to get the door to open and close. Who cares if it shudders a bit or makes funny noises or hangs a little crooked? Who cares if you have to get out and open it yourself? When we all eventually get there; we all care.

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Why Garage Door Repair in Colorado is Not an Elective Procedure

When it comes to your home there are luxuries, like installing an outdoor kitchen, and then there are things that need to be done, like garage door repair. If you are undecided about the need to have your garage door fixed here are 8 good reasons why you should.

  1. Security - A third of all home invasions occur through an unlocked or poorly secured door. If your garage door is not closing properly it could be a welcome sign to any nefarious type cruising the neighborhood looking for opportunities. Keep in mind that police statistics show that more that 25% of the time someone is home during a break in and of those who confront intruders nearly a quarter are seriously injured or worse.
  2. Personal Safety - Oftentimes, if one of the two garage door extension springs are broken the door will still find a way to open and close, albeit clumsily. Some folks take this as a sign that nothing too serious is wrong and simply decide to live with the situation until they get around to it. Unfortunately, the remaining spring was never intended to carry the entire load of the 400 lb door and it’s just a matter of time before it fails as well. Trust us on this one: you don’t want to be anywhere near garage doors when that happens.
  3. Secure Garage Door
  4. To Protect Your Car - There’s always the chance that when that second extension spring goes you’ll be in your car, maybe with the kids. This may give you an illusion of safety but do you really want 400 lbs of metal and glass crashing down on your car? Not only will you be facing thousands of dollars in car repairs but you also risk serious injury to any of the car’s occupants. Garage doors are heavy. This fact needs to be respected.
  5. To Protect Your Home’s Value - Your home is the largest investment you’ll ever make and should be treated as such. Most homes today cost more than a top end Ferrari. If your Ferrari was making strange noises and backfiring as you drove down the street, would you just leave it for another day to fix? Of course not. Your home is more important to the everyday conduct of your life than any sports car could ever be. If something is wrong with its largest moving part, it needs to be dealt with promptly, if for no other reason than to secure your investment. Home owners in the Denver area, especially theCommerce City Reunion Area know that better than anyone, as your home value continues to go up you want to make sure your investment is as secure as possible
  6. Aesthetics - Sometimes problems with garage doors manifest themselves in subtle ways; a squeak here, a frayed cable there. At other times though problems with the overhead door can be out in the open for everyone to see. A door that doesn’t settle properly, or one that shakes and stutters as it opens and closes, or one that comes crashing to the ground when the spring snaps and is allowed to sit there visibly damaged and unusable is a very public eyesore on the otherwise beautifully maintained exterior of your home.
  7. Convenience - Automatic garage doors are worth the investment for one big reason: they’re as convenient as it gets. You drive up, the door opens on command, you slide into your comfortable and safe garage and the door closes. If your door isn’t opening or closing the way it should, or if you’re forced to get out of your car during a legendary Colorado snowstorm in order to open and close the door manually, what’s the point of having an automatic garage door at all? Call for garage door repair. Restore the convenience.
  8. To Save Money - It may seem like you’re saving money by not repairing the garage doors promptly, but are you? In the long run any problem that is allowed to fester will only make the final repair price much larger than it otherwise would have been. Not only that, but there could be collateral damage from not repairing the garage door including the aforementioned damage to your car, damage to your home’s security profile and the attendant loss of valuables should an intruder gain entry through your compromised door.
  9. It’s the Right Thing to Do - Beyond every other consideration there is a principle involved. Why buy something if you’re not going to maintain it? Just letting things molder and fall into disrepair is no way to handle investments. In almost every case with almost everything you can buy the cost of maintaining it properly is negligible compared to the long term cost of letting it just fall apart. Do the right thing. Repair the garage door.
  10. It’s understandable to some extent that homeowners are reluctant to call for garage door repair. Maybe they’ve heard tales from their neighbors about an unscrupulous repair company that promised the moon at a rock bottom price and then left things worse than they were to begin with. With A Better Garage Door on the case that will never happen.

    We deliver honest, dependable work at a fair price with no surprises or hidden fees. We show up when we say we will, fix the problem right the first time and make sure you can contact us later if you have any questions or concerns. If you need garage door repair in Denver or Commerce City or anywhere else please call us today on (303) 920-2267. Don’t let problems fester for another day. Get your garage door back up and running right and ensure the safety of your property and the long term value of your largest investment.