Today’s mechanical garage doors are marvels of technology and so far advanced from their noisy, somewhat clumsy and undependable forebears they don’t seem related at all. Today’s doors are quiet, secure, reliable and affordable pieces of domestic tech. And they’re one more thing as well: customizable. If you never gave much thought to a customized garage door for your home maybe it’s time you did. A customized steel garage door with Accent Planks from A Better Garage Door may be just what the designer ordered to complete the look of your castle’s exterior.

Accent Plank Garage Door

Customized Garage Doors With Accent Planks From A Better Garage Door, Boulder

A customized garage door has many potential benefits. Whether you own a classic Colonial, a roughish Ranch, a concrete Contemporary or a stately Victorian, a customized garage door can be the element that pulls the facade together visually; creating harmony with other design elements of the house as well as those of the surrounding homes and even the neighborhood. Some of the other many benefits include:

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Increased resale value
  • Outstanding durability
  • Ease of maintenance

At A Better Garage Door we can provide you with myriad options to customize your steel garage door. Perhaps none so exciting as our Accent Plank woodtone finishes. These stylish panels combine old world appeal with new world practicality to produce a look and feel that’s as at-home on the Colorado plateau as it is in downtown Denver.

Woodtone Accent Plank Pros

  • Timeless Beauty - Accent planks exude both traditional elegance and contemporary smarts. They provide an air of refinement and upscale charm that’s hard to beat.
  • Ease of Maintenance - Because Accent Planks are attached to the underlying steel door you give up nothing in security, energy efficiency or maintenance. Our doors with Accent Planks will never rot or need to be repainted or refinished and they’ll last as long as your home.
  • Ease of Installation - Accent Planks add very little to the process of installing your new steel garage doors. Were you installing actual wood panels the amount of work required would be many times that which Accent Planks require which will save you money.

Beyond the maintenance and installation advantages, Accent Planks are also:

  • Affordable - Typically steel doors with Accent Planks can be 25 to 40% less than comparable solid wood doors, which makes them a perfect option for style-conscious but thrifty homeowners.
  • Lightweight - Wooden doors can weigh several times what a steel door with Accent Planks will weigh. That may not seem like a big deal, until your automatic garage door opener breaks down and you’re forced to lift the door manually in a snowstorm.

So you get all the aesthetic advantages of wood as well as all the practical advantages of steel from the two different styles of Accent Plank custom steel doors we sell. Other features of our custom Accent Plank woodtone steel doors include:

  • 2" thick door sections with tongue and groove edges for durability and a tight weather seal.
  • Polyurethane (model 3285P) or polystyrene (model 3216P) insulation for max energy savings.
  • Thermal conduction eliminated through inclusion of thermal breaks.
  • R-values of 17.54 (3216P) or 10.29 (3285P).
  • A dizzying array of window styles and glass types.
  • Mahogany, cedar, dark or light oak Accent Plank finishes.

Working With A Better Garage Door to Create Your Ultimate Custom Garage Door

  • Initial Consultation - When you enlist the pros at A Better Garage Door to design and install your custom Accent Plank door you’re taking advantage of our nearly 2 decades in the garage door business. We work closely with our clients to ensure it’s their vision that’s brought to life by our doors and this collaboration begins with the first phone call.
  • The Design Process - After the initial phone consultation we move on to the planning stage, where our design experts refine the vision and bring all the components together to create a garage door experience that enhances the entire facade of your home without calling undue attention to itself.
  • Installation - Our garage door installation professionals then take over and ensure the door you agreed to at the end of the design phase is exactly the door you receive. Someone will be on hand at all times to answer any questions or concerns you may have and when we’re finished your home will look and feel like new.

The entire process from conception to installation will be as simple and worry-free as possible. Our installation techs won’t keep you waiting and will treat every aspect of your property with the deference and respect it deserves. When they’re finished, they’ll clean up thoroughly so you can start enjoying your new custom Accent Plank woodtone doors immediately.

Available Colors

Accent Plank Customized Doors: The Smart, Stylish Choice

Accent Planks are the simple, tasteful way of transforming your home’s exterior from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Accent Planks are available in four lush tones to match any environment and can be paired with a variety of window styles and glasses that will add a sparkling finish to the look. On the practical side, the energy savings alone of these steel garage doors with Accent Planks will have you wondering why you didn’t make the change sooner.

Our motto at A Better Garage Door is simple: “Get the garage door that you want.” So, if what you want is something minimalist, we can do that. If what you want is a beautifully complete, fully customized, energy efficient and extremely affordable steel garage door with Accent Planks, we can do that too. In other words, whether you’re in the market for some modern flair, feeling a need for some traditional beauty or are in the mood to mix and match we can handle it. It’s what we do.

Call us today on (303) 920-2267 in Boulder or Erie to find out more about the timeless elegance and contemporary versatility of our Accent Plank steel garage doors and talk over possibilities with our garage door experts. We’ll help you see that the humble garage door is not what it used to be, it’s a whole lot more.