A modern garage door is a complex piece of machinery that is called upon to work perfectly day after day, year after year. We tend to take our garage doors for granted until we arrive home one day and the door doesn’t open. There are myriad reasons why a garage door may fail and any of the major components may be to blame. In this post we’ll go over those major components, detail what they do and explain how they may contribute to the need for garage door repair.

Knowing When to Call for Garage Door Repair in Broomfield

Many feet wide and weighing hundreds of pounds the garage door is a behemoth that helps to make our lives a little easier. The average garage door in Broomfield has a number of vital components that all need to work in concert in order for the door to work as a whole. They are:

The Motor: The job of the motor is not to lift the door but to set the process of lifting in motion. Once the door has been set in motion the springs take over and do most of the lifting. Motors are one of the primary reasons people call for garage door repair. If you know the trouble signs to look for you can have the motor repaired or replaced before you get stuck out in the cold. Trouble signs include:

  • Excessive chain noise during opening or closing.
  • Failure of the auto reverse mechanism.
  • A grinding or humming sound coming from the motor.

The Springs: There are 2 types of springs used in garage door openers. Torsion springs which run parallel to the length of the door and coil and uncoil, and extension springs which run perpendicular to the length of the door and lift or drop by stretching and contracting. Signs that the springs may be wearing down include:

  • The door opens slowly.
  • The door appears to be hanging crooked.
  • The extension springs look loose, like an old rubber band.

Important: People have died trying to fix torsion springs. Leave spring repair to the professionals.

The Door Panels: The door panels are the ‘face’ of the door. Door panels may be made of wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass or a composite. They may be insulated or uninsulated and they may incorporate glass panels or not. Trouble with door panels usually takes one of the following forms:

  • Rotten or cracked wooden panels.
  • Rust along the bottom of steel panels.
  • Dents and dings in steel and aluminum panels from incidental impacts.

The Tracks: Garage doors rise and fall along a pair of parallel tracks that run from the floor to the motor. The tracks are not mechanical, they’re simply guides to show the door the way. While they may not be high tech it’s important that they be kept clear at all times. Signs of trouble include:

  • The door stuttering as it rises and falls.
  • One side of the door lagging behind the other.
  • The door sticking and then jumping forward.
Garage Door Tracks

The Rollers: The door uses rollers that extend out from the door’s side and lock into the track to keep it in place. The rollers are typically made of high-quality steel and bear all the weight of the door when it’s fully opened. Signs you have trouble with the rollers include:

  • The door catching as it opens and closes.
  • The door making rattling or screeching sounds when in motion.
  • Part of the door hanging down when the door is fully opened.

The Weatherseal: Along the bottom of your garage door is a funny looking strip of material that is intended to fill in any gaps between door and pavement when the door is closed. This is called the weatherseal. Signs the weatherseal may need to be replaced include:

  • Noticeable drafts in the garage after the door is closed.
  • Ice or water intruding under the door.
  • Part of the strip is hanging loose when the door is open.

The Electric Eye: The electric eye is a sensor that sends a beam of light from one side of the door to the other. If this beam is broken while the door is closing the door will automatically reverse so that it does not come down onto an unsuspecting child, pet or someone else. You should have the electric eye tested periodically to ensure it’s in good working order.

The garage door is certainly a marvel of engineering but it needs to be well maintained in order to perform to its capabilities. If you see, hear or sense any of the above warning signs be sure to call us for immediate garage door repair. We’ll send someone straight out to your home be it in Bromfield or anywhere else in the area and restore your garage door to proper working order in no time.