Nobody gives too much thought to their garage door until a problem arises. Even then some folks just assume minor problems will stay minor problems and they’ll get around to fixing it when they have the time. But this approach ignores the nature of the garage door as well as the important role it plays in securing your home against intrusions, energy waste and more. A malfunctioning garage door is not the same as a malfunctioning TV or a dodgy Internet connection. If garage door repair is called for it really needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently.

In need of garage door repair...

The Importance of Timely Garage Door Repair

Garage doors may seem like big, boring pieces of home technology that don’t merit much attention but they in fact play a variety of important roles in the life of your home. Below are 7 reasons failing to address problems with your garage door when they arise is never a good idea:

  1. It’s an invitation to the wrong people: It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, even in a town like Henderson, good people need to secure their property against criminals; it’s a fact of life you ignore at your own peril. The garage door is not only the largest moving thing in the house, it also represents the largest opening in the home’s exterior. If your door doesn’t close properly, or if it’s stuck open it’s an invitation to burglars, often the kind looking to back up a U-Haul.

  2. Unattended problems can have serious consequences: If there’s a problem with the tracks and the door is stuttering as it rises and falls it needs to be fixed immediately. If not the door could wind up coming loose and crashing to the ground. Or let’s say your torsion spring has shown signs of wearing out. If you delay repair and the spring snaps the door will freefall back to the closed position with nothing to stop it or even slow it down.

  3. A malfunctioning door can lead to energy waste: Loose rollers, debris in the track and worn extension springs can all lead to the door not closing properly. If the door is left slightly ajar when in the closed position you not only have a major security risk but a major energy waste as well. With cold air rushing into the garage every adjoining room will feel the effect and require greater amounts of energy to keep warm.

  4. Delaying pushes up the price: For instance: broken rollers can damage the track if not quickly repaired. Or, if one of the 2 extension springs is broken and not repaired quickly it can lead to excessive stress on the motor that will cause it to burn out prematurely. As a result the cost of garage door repair will be higher than it would have been if the problem was taken care of when it first arose.

  5. The electronic eye is important: The electric eye is actually a sensor that detects when someone or something is in the path of the closing door. If, for instance, a child has crossed under the door while it’s closing the beam of light emitted from the electric eye is broken. This sends a signal to the motor to immediately reverse course. In this way no one is hurt. If the electric eye is allowed to malfunction this important safety feature is taken out of play.

  6. You bought a zoo: A garage door that doesn’t close properly will also send a message to local wildlife that shelter is available at your address. Raccoons, mice, opossums, birds and other creatures are no more fond of living exposed to the elements than you are. If your garage door isn’t closing properly you’re inviting every cold critter in the neighborhood to set up house in your garage and trying to remove them later can be an expensive proposition.

  7. DIY repair is rarely a good idea: First of all, no homeowner should ever attempt to enact repairs on the door’s spring mechanisms. People have died trying to do this. Secondly, necessary parts may not be available to non-professionals and you may have to perform a risky work-around that will come back to haunt you. And lastly, if the door is still under warranty, working on it yourself may result in that warranty being voided.

It can be tempting to look at a garage door problem as something that can be handled later. You’d be wise not to succumb to this particular temptation. Failing to enact garage door repair work when it’s necessary will lead to a slew of problems you’ll wish you didn’t have. Do the smart thing. If the garage door on your Henderson home is acting up, call the professionals at A Better Garage Door and prevent that molehill from growing into a mountain.