Ways a Garage Opener Save You Money

When people think about the garage door they think of its practical function as that part of the home’s exterior which opens and closes to let the car in and out. But garage doors actually do a whole lot more than simply rise and fall to accommodate the car. Being the largest single component of the home’s exterior they fulfill an enormous aesthetic role. Being a potential target for crooks they need to fulfill an important security role. And being the largest opening on the house they also have an impact on your home’s energy profile. The modern automatic garage door however wouldn’t be worth much without the garage door opener. Which leads us to the point of this post: the ways in which installing a new opener can save you money.

The Garage Door Opener: More than Just a Motor

If the garage door is an afterthought for most people then the mechanism that makes it tick is the great, unheralded component of any contemporary home. Think about all the ways your life is more difficult when the garage door opener fails. You’re less safe, your life is less convenient, you have to subject yourself to the elements every time you want to get in or out of the garage and the list goes on. Replacing your old opener before it fails then is crucial, not only for safety and convenience but for a number of financial reasons as well. Below are 4 of those reasons.

  1. Save on Heating and Air Conditioning - An old opener rarely does its job the way it did when it was first installed. If it’s no longer returning your door to a completely closed state for instance - even if the gap it leaves is small - it can have a substantial impact on how much it costs to heat or air condition your home. A garage that is essentially the same temperature as the outdoors in winter is going to impact every part of the house it comes in contact with. If there’s a room over the garage it will cost far more to keep it warm. If the garage and kitchen share a wall the icebox garage will suck heat out of the kitchen and add substantially to the cost of keeping it warm. The same is true when it comes to a hot garage and air conditioning.
  2. Save on Electricity - Old garage door openers are nowhere near as energy efficient as today’s openers and this is important because garage door openers are always on. They have to be. They need to be ready when that signal comes that it’s time to open. As a result a dormant garage door uses several times as much electricity doing nothing as it does actually opening and closing the door. This “phantom load” has been estimated to cost the average household as much as $200 per year. For nothing. Many new garage door openers are engineered in a way that shuts down most aspects of the mechanism during the long dormant hours. These advances can reduce the phantom load of your opener by 50% or more.
  3. Save Your Stuff - Let’s say you’ve gone to the airport to catch an overseas business flight. You’re waiting for your plane to board when the neighbor calls and says you left your garage door open. It won’t be long before enterprising criminals realize your mistake and help themselves to your stuff. Many new garage door openers can be integrated into the Internet of things. This means that once you realize you’ve left the door open you simply send it a command from your smartphone to close. This will secure your home from intrusions while you’re away and keep your valuables in the house where they belong.
  4. Save Your Car - If your garage doors aren’t closing all the way because the garage door opener is old and acting up there may be no difference between the temperature outdoors and the temperature inside your garage. This can have a negative impact on your wiper blades and the ability of your engine lubricants to do their job, it can cause your tire pressure to drop which can result in damage to the tires and it can kill your battery. Add in the cost of calling for a jump start in Erie or Denver and you have an idea how a frigid garage can cost you money.

Opener Replacement in Erie and Denver

It’s crucial to replace your garage door opener when signs of trouble first rear their head. By simply allowing your old opener to deteriorate you’re risking the smooth functioning of the door and that opens you up to all sorts of unexpected and unwelcome expenses. Remember, everything in the home is interconnected, including the opener. Talk to the pros at A Better Garage Door for more information.