The modern garage door is a marvel of efficiency and durability. It’s one of those inventions that have been constantly refined over the years and is today an indispensable lifestyle accessory most homeowners couldn’t imagine living without. But that doesn’t mean they take care of themselves. If not properly maintained garage door components can become dirty and rusty which in turn can cause them to squeal and groan while opening and closing. This dysfunctional symphony can be quite disconcerting but that doesn’t mean it’s either inevitable or incurable. All you need are some decent garage door lubricants.

Reduce Friction and Keep Things Moving

Choosing the Right Lubricant for Your Westminster or Thornton Garage Doors

As we said garage doors require lubrication at various points in order to stave off the need for garage door repair calls. Below we’ll look at the various components of the garage door that need lubrication as well as which lubricants may be best. Components first.

  • Springs - Most folks are aware that the torsion spring needs to be lubricated from time to time. And if they aren’t initially aware of that fact it’s eventually driven home to them by the funky chorus that greets them when the spring starts to dry out. Working with and around torsion springs is not however, something you should do. Torsion springs store vast amounts of energy and if one snaps when you are near it serious injury or even death could be the result. Leave lubricating the torsion spring to the pros at A Better Garage Door.
  • Rollers - Rollers allow the door to go up and down in the tracks. If the rollers malfunction there is no way your door is going anywhere, even if you disengage the motor and try to open it manually. When the rollers need lubrication they’ll tell you by the screeching and scraping noise they make as they drag themselves through the track. Failing to heed their cries for help could have dire consequences for the entire door mechanism.
  • Hinges - The hinges in the door allow for the smooth folding and unfolding of the door sections as the door is raised and lowered. If the hinges have been neglected it can interfere with the ability of the door to bend when it needs to bend. This can put extra pressure on the rollers and tracks and cause the opener to work harder than it was designed to work. Hinges should be lubricated at their pivot point on a regular basis, unless they’re plastic hinges.
  • The Lock - Just like the springs and the hinges and the rollers the lock also needs to be properly lubricated lest you find yourself locked out of your own garage. If the lock sticks or otherwise resists turning or working properly it’s time to give it a good shot of lubricant before you break your key off in it trying to get it open.
  • Tracks - While the tracks themselves don’t need to be lubricated they do need to be kept clean or else grimy buildup will interfere with the ability of the rollers to do their job and you’ll eventually need garage door repair. While you’re having the hinges and rollers lubricated make sure you also have the garage door tech take a good look at the tracks and make sure they’re clean and in good working order.

WD-40 is Not a Garage Door Lubricant

Let’s dispel one myth right up front: WD-40, while a fine product in its own right, should never be used to lubricate garage doors. WD-40 is a short term lubricant and rust prevention product that provides little benefit over the long haul, and the long haul is what you’re after with garage door lubricants. So put the WD-40 down and step back while we look at some other lubricants that will do a better job.

Rather than defaulting to the WD-40 which would be nothing more than a short term solution look for one of the many commercially available silicone sprays or white lithium grease. If at all possible select a spray lubricant over something you need to pour on as the spray will inject itself more effectively into the heart of the roller, hinge or spring. A white lithium grease won’t be a dust magnet like standard oil based lubricants and it will retain its lubrication abilities for longer than any standard lubricant as well. That’s important in areas with the kind of extreme weather we have in Westminster and Thornton. There are dozens of silicone based and white lithium spray lubricants on the market so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

Keep those garage doors running smoothly by having the pros from A Better Garage Door perform regularly scheduled maintenance, including lubrication of the various parts. Your door will act and sound better for it.