A new garage door can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal, security profile, energy consumption and overall value. It’s a major investment in the well-being of the house and the people who live there so it’s important that it’s installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Folks tend to underestimate how difficult it is to install a garage door properly however and so, in an effort to save a few bucks, they give the job to anyone who will do it cheap. Typically, such bottom of the barrel installations come back to haunt the thrifty homeowner. They may even need to have the door re-installed by a pro. Below we’ll provide 5 good reasons why you should bypass the bargain basement garage door installation and call that experienced pro first.

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Avoid Unqualified Garage Door Installers

Most of the problems that arise with overhead garage doors are either the result of age or the fact that the installation was carried out by someone with little or no experience who did it on the cheap. Here are 5 good reasons to always hire a professional garage door installation company.

  1. They’ll Get It Right - As we said, substandard installation is one of the main causes of garage door problems. The fact is that while it might seem like installing a garage door is no more complicated than assembling one of those prefabricated shelves it actually calls for patience and experience as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the component parts and how they interact. We can tell you that you change the spark plugs in your car by removing the cap, unscrewing the old plug, screwing in the new plug and replacing the cap. But if you don’t know how to gap a plug and how to adjust the timing your new spark plugs won’t do you much good. Same with the garage door. If you don’t know the finer points of adjusting the various components so that they work in harmony you’re in for problems.

  2. You’ll Save Money - You’ll save money because, although the discount garage door installers work for cheap, the problems you’ll have to fix are going to cost you plenty. At some point you may even have to have the door reinstalled from scratch. Regardless of who installs the door however you’re going to need someone to perform regular maintenance on it and chances are your discount installer is no better at that then he was at installing the door in the first place. As a result of poor maintenance small problems that would have been caught by a pro will fester and turn into expensive fixes.

  3. Your Car and Other Items Will Be Safer - A poorly installed garage door is an invitation to thieves who can smell security weaknesses in a house. If the door doesn’t close all the way because the springs were not adjusted properly it’s a red carpet invitation to nefarious types to enter your home and wreak havoc. There’s also the chance that an improperly installed door could fail and come down on your car while you’re entering or exiting the garage or that the auto reverse mechanism won’t work properly, endangering your kids and pets. A door that doesn’t close properly also wastes massive amounts of energy.

  4. You Won’t Have to Look Over Your Shoulder - You may or may not be aware of this particular scam but thieves often pose as legitimate handymen in order to gain access to a house. For them the garage door installation is just a means to get in and assess what you have so they can figure out the best time to return and clean you out. They’ll chat you up to find out when you’re home and when you’re not and then leave the door project unfinished using the excuse that they need to order this part or that. Later, when they know you’re out they return and enter through the unfinished garage door.

  5. You’ll Have Recourse - Good luck chasing down the discount installer and getting them to fix the problems they caused. Their middle name is “Unaccountable” and their favorite phrase is “You get what you pay for”. When you hire a professional garage door installation company the door itself will be warrantied as will the workmanship. If there’s a problem with the installation call the company, they’ll send someone over to set things right. It’s called customer service and it’s one of the main reasons for using the professional installer.


Don’t gamble with the value of your home or the safety of your of your household by using unqualified garage door installers. Always make sure you hire a qualified, experienced professional to install your new garage door and sleep well at night knowing you did the right thing.