Believe it or not we’re already into the 2nd half of 2017. That means that within 8 weeks or so the weather will start to change. Leaves will begin to turn, nighttime temperatures will start to nose downward, you’ll be removing those window air conditioners and having someone in to inspect the furnace for the upcoming heating season. Now’s a good time to take a close look at your overhead door, before you get into full-time batten-down-the-hatches mode. What you’ll be looking for are signs that your current garage door is setting you up for bigger energy bills this winter because it’s old, leaky or just plain poorly insulated.


The Importance of Well Insulated Garage Doors

Winter is never far away in this part of the country which is why it’s important that you take advantage of the few warm weather months we do enjoy to make necessary changes, upgrades and repairs to your home. That includes changes, upgrades and repairs to your garage door. The most important thing to assess is the amount and quality of the insulation. If your door is uninsulated or has old, ineffective insulation the time is now to replace that old insulation or install a new, fully insulated door. Here are just some of the reasons why.

  • Savings - Most folks don’t think about the role the overhead door plays in home energy consumption but that role can be significant. The garage door covers the single biggest opening on your house. If it’s not properly insulated your garage becomes little more than a refrigerator attached to the house sucking heat out through the walls and driving up your energy bills. A properly insulated garage door can substantially elevate the temperature in the garage reducing heat loss from other parts of the house and lowering energy bills.
  • Protection - In a garage with an uninsulated or poorly insulated door the temperature can easily drop well below freezing in the winter. This not only creates a heat drain effect from adjoining rooms but also has a detrimental effect on everything that’s kept in the garage from your car’s tires and battery to the house paint you keep in the locked cabinet to the beach chairs you’ve stored away for next summer and the oil in the riding mower's engine.
  • Durability - A well-insulated overhead door, especially one that has the insulation built in, is also a more durable door. It’s less susceptible to break ins and less likely to be damaged from incidental contact with bicycles, frisbees, baseballs, small branches and other hazards that typically cause dents, dings or broken panels. It will also retain its shape better than an uninsulated door that may warp over time due to exposure to rain, snow and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Quieter Performance - Well insulated garage doors will be much quieter as they open and close than thin, uninsulated doors. That’s because the insulation itself acts to absorb the sound waves created by the door’s movement. It becomes, in effect, a big noise dampener. While most modern garage doors are typically much quieter than their predecessors a new, fully insulated door achieves a level of quiet that will likely surprise you. It’s not the primary reason you insulate a garage door but it’s certainly a welcome side effect.
  • A Cooler House in Summer - When people think of the benefits of insulation they typically think of how much warmer their house will be in the winter. What they often fail to consider is how much cooler the house will be in summer as well. Insulation works both ways. It keeps the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. Well insulated garage doors will help keep the temperature in the garage down during the dog days of summer which will make it easier to keep the rooms that adjoin the garage cooler.
  • Increased Security- We alluded to this above when we said a well-insulated door can make your home less susceptible to break-ins but it’s worth expanding on a bit. A large percentage of home break-ins occur through the garage. There are any number of ways a thief can gain entrance through a garage door - including reaching up through the space at the top of the door with a coat hanger and pulling the emergency release - but thick well insulated garage doors present a robust, unified front to would be thieves that better resists brute for entries.

The Bottom Line on the Insulated Overhead Door

Insulated garage doors make sense no matter which way you look at them. So whether you decide to add a layer of insulation to your existing door or buy and install a new, fully insulated garage door you’re going to start reaping benefits from day one. For information on insulating overhead garage doors in Longmont give A Better Garage Door a call today.