Choosing the Right New Garage Door for Your Man Cave

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In an earlier post, we talked about how to transform your garage into the ultimate man cave. In this post, we're going to expand a bit on what type of garage door you should choose to do your man cave justice. There is no single answer to the question of finding the right garage door for a man cave. It will depend mostly on how you intend to use your man cave, and your budget. In this post, the garage door repair and installation experts at A Better Garage Door take a close look at this, one of the most important issues of our time.

Choosing a Garage Door for Your Man Cave

The man cave can take on many forms - from the home office or home gym to the home sports bar or entertainment center. It obviously all depends on your particular interests and hobbies. Let's look at how the intended functionality of your man cave will impact your choice of garage door.

  • The sports bar - This is the prototypical man cave where testosterone flows freely and beer is the official bottled water. Typically you don't want any outside distractions when you're trying to watch a game with your buddies so a solid door with no windows is a good idea. Also, since the football season spans the dead of winter you'll definitely want a well-insulated garage door so your guests don't freeze.
  • The home gym - The home gym is a great way to get or stay in shape and the garage is an ideal place to set one up. But what's the best kind of new garage door to choose for the fitness-oriented man cave? Well, it's always good to have some kind of distraction while you're working out so that you don't think about how much pain you're in. So a door with glass panels that lets you look out into the wider world can be useful. If you have privacy concerns you can get one-way mirrored glass panels that let you see out but prevent prying eyes from seeing in.
  • The home office - If you plan on running a business out of your garage and you believe this is going to be your office for some time to come it might be worth it to invest in something like a custom mahogany wood garage door with frosted window panes. This type of high-end door will provide your enterprise with a bit of gravitas. That way if you have clients over they won't think you're a fly-by-night outfit.
  • The fortress of solitude - Some guys see their man cave as the ultimate refuge from the cares of the world. They don't plan on entertaining in it, instead their primary objective is to not be bothered. They'll trip out their cave only with those things that enable them to disconnect for a while, be that a library of real books or a state-of-the-art AV system so they can watch their favorite movies or TV shows. This is a case where you'll want a well-insulated door with no glass panels that promotes comfort and privacy.

Other Considerations

Things like privacy, warmth and style are key considerations when choosing a garage door for your man cave. But they're not the only ones. There are practical considerations as well, and we'll get into a few of them now.

  • Budget - A wooden custom garage door with bulletproof one-way mirrored window panels and cutting-edge security features is a beautiful thing. But it's also going to cost an arm and leg. Or at least a hand and a foot. Before you go overboard make sure the garage door you have in mind is doable from a budget perspective.
  • Overhead door repair and maintenance - Today's garage doors are mechanical marvels that typically answer the call day after day for years on end. They are not, however, indestructible. At some point you may find you have a stuck garage door, or that you need to replace broken garage door springs. Therefore, when laying out your man cave don't plan on having any permanent features installed in a place that will interfere with the garage door technician's ability to access the different parts of the door.
  • Energy efficiency - The winters in Colorado can be brutal. And because you'll want to keep your man cave nice and comfy all year long it will be important that the garage door you choose is appropriate to the climate. For instance, if your home is somewhat exposed and buttressed by strong winds you may want to forego that solid glass door in favor of a heavily insulated door with only a couple of small glass panels. This will do a better job of keeping your expensive heated air inside where it belongs.
  • Call for Expert Installation and Garage Door Repair in Parker or Broomfield

    If you decide to transform your garage into a man cave you will need to make sure the garage door you choose is appropriate from both a stylistic and functional perspective. The good news is that there are more door styles available today than at any time in history, so you are bound to find a new garage door that fits the requirements of your man cave to a tee. To schedule garage door installations in Broomfield or nearby cities, call or email A Better Garage Door today.

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