Factors Affecting Your New Garage Door's Weight

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You might be wondering how heavy Parker overhead doors are. There are a lot of factors at play that determine the weight of your overhead door.

Most doors open with a remote these days, so you won’t be bearing the brunt of the weight. But if you’re going to have a manual door, it’s definitely something to consider.

In addition, the heavier your door is, the more wear and tear will take place on the springs. So longevity is another consideration.

The most stunning doors can sometimes be the heaviest. But why? And how do you know if your garage door is going to be heavy or not?

Keep reading to find out what affects the weight of garage doors!


There are a plethora of materials that garage doors can be made out of. The door’s weight also differs based on what kind of materials are used and the proportions of said materials.

No matter which material your door is made out of, it will weigh at least 130 pounds if it’s a single door. It can reach as much as 350 pounds or higher if it’s a double door that has windows. Contemporary doors- doors that are made of all glass and are doubles- can weigh more than 400 pounds.

In order to open and close these heavy doors manually, they have a counterweight system made out of extension springs and torsion.


Garage doors made out of wood can be stunning. However, they are incredibly heavy. One wooden door can weigh more than 300 pounds! The weight also only gets heavier over time as your wood absorbs outside humidity. Such heavy doors often need lots of repairs.

Metal or steel

If you don’t want your garage door to be too heavy, metal or steel are your best bet. One steel door weighs about 80 pounds and a double door can be more than 150 pounds. This is a great option if you need lightweight garage doors. Just remember that the material’s thickness affects the weight, too.


Overlay is a garage door that is a mixture of steel and wood. It uses the pros of both materials and mitigates the cons as well. This way your door isn’t too heavy from the wood, but you still get the wood’s beauty.


Glass windows can potentially be very thick. How many windows you have and how thick the windows are makes a huge difference in how heavy your door is.


The dimensions of your door is one of the leading factors in how heavy your garage door is. The dimensions are the length, width, and height of your door. The dimensions decide how much material is needed for your door. If you have large dimensions, more material will be needed and your door will be heavier. Likewise, smaller doors aren’t as heavy.


The thickness of your door can double or triple its weight. For example, steel doors have different gauges of thickness. Wood garage doors can also get incredibly thick. The thickness of your material is something you have to factor in if you want a lightweight or heavy door.

Decorations and Struts

Struts are for reinforcement and give your garage door some extra support. Without struts, your door may warp and need repairs. These reinforcements are often made out of steel which can make your door quite heavy.

Decorations also add weight to your door. Of course, you want a stunning new garage door. It will increase your property value! But remember that decorations add weight.


Whether it’s hot or cold, insulation is your best friend. Good garage door insulation can be the difference between spending time in the shop and avoiding your garage altogether. Insulation has the potential to add about 25 pounds to a standard door. However, this is probably the most worthwhile addition to weight.


Weather affects everything, and your garage door is no exception. Humidity can especially affect wooden doors. Metal doors may rust, which adds some extra weight too.

Life Expectancy

Over the course of years, springs wear down. Most manufacturers recommend replacing springs after opening and closing your door 10,000 times.

If you have a single door and it gets used four times each day that adds up to roughly seven years. If you have a double door and use it often for two cars, the expectancy drops to roughly five years. But remember that a spring can still break before the expectancy is up.

If you want to extend this life expectancy, lubricate it yearly. Apply car oil to the springs, using a cloth to wipe up any excess oil. Lubricating your springs also makes them quieter.

Something important is that if your springs are above your horizontal rail, you need a safety cable. This keeps your door from shutting if your springs break. Safety cables can be a real lifesaver on the off chance that you’re beneath your door and a spring snaps!

Final Thoughts From Our Garage Door Installers

Garage door installation is no small feat! With doors that can reach over 400 pounds, you may wonder how overhead door installation is even possible.

That’s what makes us experts. There’s a lot that goes into installing overhead doors. Safety is our top priority. Our highly trained garage door service team is friendly, competent, and will install your overhead door without putting so much as a scratch on it.

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