Garage Door Weatherstripping FAQs

Updated on July 24th 2023
Homeowner using electric drill to install weatherstripping to residential garage door

Not every garage door repair job requires tinkering with broken rollers, panels or torsion springs. Weatherstripping is just as important as any other garage door component. In fact, the insulating power of a garage door is significantly affected by the condition of its weatherstripping.

As it’s such a misunderstood part of the standard garage door, we thought it’d be a good idea to put together a post answering some of the most common questions about weatherstripping.

Garage Door Weatherstripping FAQs

If you've heard that garage door weatherstripping is important, but you have no idea what the hell it is, you've come to the right place. Hopefully, we can clarify a few things for you below.

Why Does Garage Door Weatherstripping Need to Be Installed?

There are many reasons to have weatherstripping installed and to keep it in good condition. Some of the main ones include:

  • Weatherstripping keeps water out, which is particularly important if you experience heavy rains or are at risk of floods in your area.
  • Weatherstripping prevents airflow around the top, bottom and sides of the garage door meaning the temperature inside your garage is easier to control and remains more tolerable throughout the year.
  • Weatherstripping helps to keep pests out of your garage, preventing rodents from damaging or spoiling items that you have stored in the space.

When Should You Weather Strip Your Garage Door?

If you're planning to have a new garage door installed, we highly recommend adding weatherstripping on the same day. If your home has older doors without weatherstripping, investing in this update could reduce monthly energy costs by up to 15%.

Weatherstripping is likely to have the most significant impact just before summer and winter each year. When the weather conditions are at their most extreme, weatherstripping helps to protect your home from unwanted temperature spikes, making your home's garage noticeably more comfortable.

How Long Will Weatherstripping Last?

The answer really depends on a lot of different factors. The two that will have the most impact are how extreme local weather conditions are in your area, and the quality of the weatherstripping you have installed. If you opt for cheap, low-quality weatherstripping (like felt-based options), you can expect to be calling garage door repair technicians within a year requesting a replacement. However, weatherstripping made from more durable materials - such as Tubular Rubber and Vinyl - could last for up to five years. Keep in mind that even the best weatherstripping won't last for as long as your door!

How Can I Tell If My Weatherstripping Needs Replacing?

If you already have weatherstripping fitted around the edges of your door, but are not sure how to determine if it’s past its best, ask the following three questions.

  1. Does the weatherstripping appear to be dried out and cracked? Touch it to see.
  2. Can you spot any gaps between the weatherstripping and the door, where it’s started to come away from the door?
  3. Are there parts of the weatherstripping that have completely come off and gone missing?

There’s another simple test that you can do to determine the weatherstripping’s effectiveness. With the garage door closed, turn off the lights and stand directly behind the door, about six feet away from it. Can you see any light making its way inside? If the weatherstripping is doing its job, you shouldn’t be able to see anything.

Can Weatherstripping Help Extend the Life of My Garage Door?

Yes, weatherstripping can directly reduce the need for garage door repair and increase your door's lifespan. This is because when weatherstripping is either not installed or not in good condition, the cold air that is able to filter in and around your door can cause a number of issues for some of the mechanical parts that are required to enable your door to open and close.

Metal can become brittle when subjected to fluctuating temperatures on a consistent basis, and parts like the rollers and hinges can be susceptible to weather damage. If you notice that your door is not opening and closing as smoothly as before, these components should be inspected.

By installing weatherstripping, cold air will be kept out and away from these key components. So you see, a small investment up front can yield long-term savings that are not to be sniffed at!

Need Help With Your Weatherstripping?

If you live in Parker or Broomfield and you need weatherstripping installed, our garage door service team can take care of this on your behalf. We’ve provided local garage door installation and repair work two decades. install this stripping to ensure your garage experiences the full range of benefits that this product offers. For further information or to schedule an appointment, call our garage door service team today.

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