Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

Two adjacent metal garage doors in solid orange and red

It’s not something you talk about every day, but your garage is actually pretty handy, isn’t it? Once upon a time a garage was just used for storing your car, and that’s what they’re known for even today, but most of us use our garage space for much more than that.

We use it to store tools, bikes, toys, and other personal belongings. Some people use their garages as laundry rooms, whilst others have even taken to working in there. And regardless of how you use it, we can guarantee one more thing – having a garage adds value to your home!

And what’s one of the main features of your garage, aside from the bricks and mortar? Well the door, of course! Not only does it add to the style of your home, and keep potential intruders (human or otherwise) out, but it also keeps heat in. That's why having a top-quality garage door installation at your Parker or Broomfield home done by a top-quality overhead door company, is so important.

Now when it comes to garage doors, one of the biggest things to consider is garage door insulation. There is a big difference between an insulated and a non-insulated garage door. Whether or not either option is any better than the other generally comes down to your individual circumstances and budget.

As an experienced overhead door company providing garage door services in Parker, Broomfield and the surrounding areas, here are our thoughts on the pros and cons of both insulated and non-insulated doors.

Insulated Garage Doors – The Pros

Fully insulated garage door installations are generally constructed of two layers of steel and insulation (of course). They are extremely strong and durable, and come with a range of benefits…

  • Reduced Energy Costs – Let's start with the most obvious one, insulated doors keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is because the insulation will stop cold air from getting into your garage during the colder months, and vice versa when it's hot outside. This gives you a more stable temperature, meaning you don't have to shell out on extra heating (or air conditioning).
  • More Durable – Insulated garages are generally stronger, due to having extra layers of steel, and they also offer better protection against the elements. They remain lightweight, as garage doors should, but are able to stand firm against strong winds and hail.
  • Offers Protection - By keeping the cold out, and the heat in, insulated garage doors offer a greater level of protection to the stuff inside your garage – such as bikes and automobiles.
  • Peace & Quiet! – Insulation doesn’t just keep out the weather – it keeps out the noise! This means you’ll hear less traffic noise and, equally, garage door insulation often absorbs some of the noise from springs and moving parts.

Insulated Garage Doors – The Cons

Insulated garage doors are great, but it's not all roses. Here are the cons:

  • Price – As you’d expect, an insulated garage door is the more expensive option in comparison to non-insulated doors. Given money makes the world go round, this is a big thing.
  • Repairs & Maintenance – Again, as you’d expect, insulated doors are more complex than non-insulated alternatives. This means that they come with more moving parts and are harder, and more expensive, to maintain.
  • Incorrect Use – Insulated doors only work when they are kept closed! If you’re forgetful, or partial to leaving the door open, your insulated door might not be worth the money.

Non-Insulated Garage Doors – The Pros

So we’ve looked at insulated doors – now it’s time to look at non-insulated options!

  • Price – So the first plus of a non-insulated door is of course the price. They are much cheaper and more affordable because you’re not paying for the garage door insulation and the second layer of metal.
  • Easier Installation & Maintenance – Non-insulated overhead door installations are much easier to source and fit. They're also quicker and easier to maintain. This is because they have fewer moving parts!
  • All You Need – Last, but definitely not least, if you live in an area with a mild climate then, quite frankly, a non-insulated door might be all you need. Similarly, if you don’t have expensive possessions in your garage, then keeping it simple might be the way forward.

Non-Insulated Garage Doors – The Cons

Here are some of the down-sides of a non-insulated garage door installation:

  • Temperature – Non-insulated doors will let in the cold and not keep heat in as well as insulated alternatives. This may lead to you wasting a huge amount of the heat generated by your heating system which, in turn, means wasting a lot of money. Your garage may also be more susceptible to dampness and be a less pleasant place to work or spend time in!
  • Noise – This one is pretty simple. Insulated doors keep the noise out. Non-insulated doors don’t. You’ll be able to hear lots of traffic, neighborhood, and general street noise coming in from outside.

Parker and Broomfield Garage Door Installation

Here at A Better Garage Door, Inc., we pride ourselves on offering top-class garage door sales and garage door installation services. Our mission is simple – we want to help you get a better garage door whilst at the same time ensuring you have the best customer service experience possible.

Beyond that, we want to earn your trust, your repeat business and your glowing references should anybody you know be on the lookout for an overhead door company they can rely on. We don’t want your friends to search for ‘garage door installers near me’ because we want you to be confident in passing them our number, straight away.

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