Tips to Keep Snow and Ice Out of Your Garage This Winter

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Whether you love the winter months or hate them, there is one fact that is undeniable: the cold weather makes it much harder for us to keep our garages clean and tidy at this time of the year. Ice, slush, snow and dirty water seem to get absolutely everywhere when it turns cold and if you are the sort of person who likes a pristine garage floor, wintertime could just about drive you mad. But don’t worry because our Broomfield garage door installation and repair team has some great tips that will help you to keep your garage spick-and-span when the snow starts to settle.

Keep Your Garage Clean and Tidy with Our Top Tips for Winter Maintenance

Some of the following tips require a small purchase while others require nothing more than a little time and effort. Choose which ones work best for you and look forward to a cleaner, drier garage this winter.

Invest in a Quality Blower Fan

A strategically located, powerful blower fan will make short work of any water and ice that makes its way inside your garage. When winter never seems to end, a blower fan will make your life much easier. How much you have to pay for a decent quality blower fan will depend on the size you need: work out the square footage of your garage floor and ask for a recommendation when you’re in the store. Alternatively, you’re welcome to call and ask us for help if you prefer.

Put Down Garage Mats

A set of rubber garage mats won’t set you back very much and will make it much easier for you to keep your garage clean when the ice and snow starts to melt. You can put your shoes and snow shoveling equipment on one mat, your winter coats on another. You can even put mats down underneath where your car tires will be when you park inside the garage. The mats will bear the brunt of the moisture and dirt during the cold season and once it starts to warm up again, you will find it a lot easier to rinse off the mats than it would be to clean and dry your entire garage floor.

Consider Cardboard Mats Instead

Although rubber or polyvinyl mats are relatively inexpensive, the total cost could soon add up if you have to buy a dozen or more of them. If this is the case, we suggest making your own mats out of old cardboard boxes instead. All you need to do, according to our garage door repair and installation team, is cut through any tape that is holding the boxes together, flatten them out, and place them in the desired locations. Cardboard mats won’t be as durable as rubber or polyvinyl ones but they are good at absorbing excess water and once they are soaked through, you can simply throw them out and put new ones down in their place.

Throw Some Salt Around

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone mad. We’re not suggesting that you start spreading salt all over your garage floor as that would be counterproductive. Whilst it would help to ensure that any snow and ice melted almost instantly, it would also make a considerable mess. No, what our experts suggest is to sprinkle some salt over your driveway, paying particular attention to the section right in front of your garage door. If you do this, snow and ice will melt much faster, or possibly not even accumulate in the first place, which will significantly reduce the amount that ends up all over your garage floor this winter.

If you follow this particular tip, make sure you don’t get salt anywhere near your garage door opener. It could damage the motor and cost you quite a lot of money.

Buy a Squeegee

This is another very inexpensive idea that will make keeping your garage floor clean and dry a much simpler task. With a nice, long-handled squeegee, you will be able to soak up any water that makes its way into your garage in a jiffy. They are easier to use than most mops, cheap to buy almost everywhere, and they don’t take up a lot of storage space.

Sweep the Snow off Your Car Before Entering Your Garage

If it is cold and wet outside, this may not be the first thing you want to do when you arrive home but it will help to keep your garage floor clean and dry. Our garage door installation specialists all brush the snow off their cars before parking them in a garage at night, because it’s quicker and easier than having to get melted snow out of the garage the next morning. Make sure you use a soft brush if you follow this tip, so you don’t end up scratching the paintwork on your car.

Whether you follow a couple of these suggestions or all of them, you are sure to find it much easier to keep your garage floor dry and clean this year. And once the warmer weather arrives, you will find your spring cleaning takes a lot less time, in the garage at least.

If you are looking for any more tips, or for a local company in Parker or Broomfield that can fit everything from an electric garage door opener to a whole new custom garage door, don’t hesitate to call or message us right now.

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